Obama Administration looking to expand Tribal Gambling

Casino Watch Focus first reported that the Bureau  of Indian Affairs established limits to how far a tribal casino could be built off-reservation.  With some exceptions, the general rule is that the casinos must be within 25 miles of a reservation.  Now, an online gambling article is pointing to a possible shift from the Obama Administration that could greatly expand gambling in America:

Already in the US, there is a major casino boom taking place. Casinos are being built at a quicker rate than at any time in the nations history, and Obama and his administration may soon help that expansion grow even quicker.

The Bush Administration created a law that claims that Indian casinos can only be built if they are in commuting distance from a tribe’s reservation. The Interior Department, however, is considering overturning that directive.

Not everyone is excited about the prospects of changing the directive. Any change in the laws would ensure that more casinos would be built.

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