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A brief look at crime 10/19/09 – 10/25/09

Woman Shot at Legal Gambling Café

A woman died after a gun accidentally discharged at a legal computer gambling cafe on Normandy Boulevard.  Police say the woman was on a computer gambling when a man walked into the Allied Veterans of the World Inc. Police say he had a gun that he mishandled and it went off, hitting the woman in the back.  Neither the man nor the victim have been identified. Police are investigating and have not said if the man will face charges.

Man gets 26 to 90 years in Vegas casino shooting

A 53-year-old unemployed house painter apologized to his victims before he was sentenced Monday to 26 to 90 years in prison for opening fire with a handgun and wounding four people in a Las Vegas Strip casino more than two years ago. A jury found him guilty last July of 51 of 52 felony charges – including a charge of attempted murder with a deadly weapon for each of the 16 shots he fired.

Smuggled gun used in double-homicide

The Crown alleges that on June 21, 2007, Frimpong and his accomplice, Phillip Salmon, burst into the motel room where Ahmad and another man were smoking crack. Frimpong and Salmon’s intent, according to the Crown, was to rob the men. The Crown alleges that Frimpong fired a shot, and the single bullet killed both Ahmad — who was hit in the head — and Salmon, who was hit in the chest. Sears was what police call a “straw purchaser” — a front man who buys guns for a smuggler. The smuggler then took the weapons across the U.S. border.  “I thought I’d get lots of money,” Sears said. “I ended up getting screwed. But I had a gambling habit at the time and that’s how I spent the money. I spent it all gambling.”

Youth hangs himself after losing gambling match

An youth allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself to death after losing a gambling match on the occasion of Diwali.  According to the locals, Amit on Friday late evening had gone to Faizabad city for gambling, but he lost money, which he took himself from his house.

Colo. casinos collect $600,000 in child-support

More than $600,000 has been garnished from winnings of deadbeat parents who gamble in Colorado during the first year of a controversial law that requires casinos to check whether big winners owe child support. Anyone who wins more than $1,200 at a machine or a table in the Colorado gaming towns of Black Hawk, Cripple Creek or Central City is run through a computer database to see if they owe any child support payments. Advocates praise the law as a good way to get money from deadbeat parents.

Gambler jailed over $16 million investment scam

A “compulsive” gambler whose high-risk, unregistered investment scheme left mum and dad investors $16 million out of pocket has been jailed for 13 years.  The Brisbane District Court yesterday heard the promoter of the money-losing scheme, Brett Tony Best of Middle Park, had also faked loan applications to borrow $4.3 million as he fed his gambling addiction.  Westpac, National Australia Bank and Bank West were among the eight lenders defrauded when the trucking industry enthusiast sought finance to buy 45 non-existent prime movers and semi-trailers, the court was told.

Store boss stole to feed gambling habit

THE FORMER manager of a Plymouth surfwear shop stole more than £10,000 in cash from his employers to feed a gambling addiction, a court heard.  Nick Hawke, aged 25, admitted three counts of theft from the Freespirit surf shop in New George Street between January and March this year, and asked for five similar offences to be taken into consideration by the judge.  Hawke was ordered to pay thousands of pounds in costs and compensation.

Accountant admits embezzling $3.6 million from Pasadena firm

A former accounting supervisor for Kaneka Texas chemicals company pleaded guilty today to embezzling more than $3.6 million.  Diana Simon, 49, of Sugar Land, pleaded guilty to wire fraud for systematically stealing from the Pasadena-based wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaneka Japan. She used the stolen funds to live well — buying a luxury home, expensive vehicles and jewelry and taking many gambling trips Las Vegas, according to a statement from U.S. Attorney Tim Johnson’s office.

Ottawa County woman accused of embezzling from parents

Authorities have charged an Ottawa County woman with embezzling at least $100,000 from her parents’ life savings of $275,000. Eloise Russo is accused of taking the money to pay for gambling losses, a $10,000 gift and a $16,000 new car for her sister. The 53-year-old woman is free on bond following her arraignment Wednesday — two days after her father, Thomas Sherwin of Hudsonville, died at age 90. Russo was appointed guardian to her father and her 83-year-old mother, Ada, in April 2007. Ottawa County Probate Judge Mark Feyen removed her from the post in July 2008 after allegations of fraud emerged.

Charges: Knights Of Columbus Worker Embezzled $60K

An employee for the Knights of Columbus has been charged with embezzling $64,000 from her employer over the course of a year and a half. The following day, she admitted to Bloomington Police that she had forged checks to make house payments and to support her gambling addiction.

Ex-lawyer gets 4 years in prison for stealing from clients

Disbarred Halifax lawyer Srinivasen Pillay was sentenced Monday to four years in prison for stealing more than $1.3 million from clients’ trust funds.  Mr. Pillay used much of the money to feed a gambling problem, Halifax provincial court was told.  It’s the largest legal embezzlement ever in Nova Scotia and rivals the worst cases in the country, Crown attorney Richard Hartlen said.

Trusted bookkeeper stole more than $700,000, sentenced to prison

Anthony took more than $700,000, according to Joe Vance, assistant Stark County prosecutor.  “She had a gambling problem. She was taking the company money and applying it to different places,” he said.  If she won, she would return some of the money, Vance said. But she wound up losing more.

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