A brief look at crime Nov 2- Nov 8

Ex-employee held for Oshrenko family massacre

A 39-year-old man has been in police custody for several days on suspicion of having perpetrated the worst multiple homicide in Israel’s history last month, in which six members of the Oshrenko family were brutally stabbed to death in their Rishon Lezion home.  Kirilik, a compulsive bettor who traveled around the world to feed his gambling addiction, was in desperate need of cash after running up large debts. He reportedly tried to blackmail Edward Oshrenko by threatening to report alleged income tax irregularities to the Tax Authority. Oshrenko responded by photographing Kirilik committing a lewd act with a waitress, and threatening to send the image to his wife if Kirilik reported him.

Kirilik was aware of a large amount of cash in the possession of the Oshrenko family, and set out to rob their home and murder members of the family, police said. He stole approximately NIS 25,000 from the apartment, police added. “Three generations of a single family were wiped out. This is a tragedy for all Israeli citizens,” Mor said. “This was a family that successfully ran its businesses, and was well integrated into the community.”

Witness: Deadly Sushi Bar Shooting Over Gambling Debt

A man shot dead inside a Denver sushi bar was attempting to collect a gambling debt from the restaurant owner, 7NEWS has learned. That owner, Yan De Yang, 40 has been charged with first-degree murder in the Oct. 22 shooting death of Lloyd Running Bear, 29. Running Bear was shot multiple times in the chest as horrified lunch patrons at Chopsticks and Sushi Restaurant watched. Yang, who remains in jail, was also charged with first-degree assault.

Yang, who uses the first name David, told police he shot in self-defense when Running Bear began choking him, according to police reports. Yang said he had been getting death threats after he threw Running Bear out of his restaurant a week earlier for being drunk.

Former DSS finance director pleads guilty in $5 million theft

The former finance director of South Carolina’s social services agency pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing more than $5 million from the agency, money he has said he spent on alcohol, gambling and strippers. So far, Moore, Moses and 50 others have been prosecuted for their roles in the scheme, and prosecutors say more arrests are expected. In all, Barbier says, authorities think the two men recruited more than 300 people to help embezzle the money, telling them to say the money was either from grants or child support payments if anyone asked.  Last month, Moses was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to his role.

Ex-casino manager gets 50 years in prison

A former Albuquerque-area casino manager has been sentenced to 50 years in prison after admitting he stole more than $1.2 million by forging payout slips. Authorities initially charged 39-year-old Daniel Roybal with nearly 700 different counts. He pleaded guilty in August to 17 felony charges of embezzlement and forgery at Sandia Casino.

Churches Raise $500,000 for Gambling Addict; Said he Had Cancer

New Zealand – 39-year-old Gerard Marychurch faces Auckland District Court this week on charges accusing him of deceiving money out of area churches by pretending to be a cancer sufferer in need of treatment money, totaling $500,000 since 2004. Marychurch said in a written apology that most of the cash went toward his addiction to gambling. A female parishioner said that he also lied about having to travel to the South Island for specialist treatment, where parishioners were out of sight.

Brooklyn P.D. chase stolen car, shots fired at Lumiere

A woman has been arrested after she fled police in a stolen minivan and then tried to run over an officer at the Lumiere casino parking garage, police said.  The two officers fired shots at the van to try to stop it. No one was injured and police caught up with the woman about two blocksaway from the casino after she abandoned the van.  Brooklyn police said that at 6:55 a.m. today that officers tried to stop the 1994 Chevrolet Astro van. The officer then learned that the van had been stolen from Granite City, Brooklyn police said.

Court Notebook: Judge throws book at gambling embezzler

Telling her gambling is no excuse, a circuit judge ignored pleas for leniency and sentenced a former bookkeeper to 12 years in a state prison for embezzling about $210,000.  Judge Hardt also sentenced Mary Jo Clark, 60, formerly of Golden Gate Estates, to 10 years of probation, a lengthy term, so she could repay John Rice Plumbing the thousands she stole from the Naples firm from December 2001 to October 2005.

Calif. man gets 26 years for crash that killed 11

A Northern California bus driver involved in a crash that killed 11 people last year has been sentenced to more than 26 years in prison. The Stockton resident was convicted last month of 11 counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and 21 counts of great bodily injury.  Watts was behind the wheel of a bus carrying a group of mostly elderly Hmong and Mien immigrants from the Sacramento area to a casino in October 2008 when the bus veered off a rural Colusa County road and rolled over.

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