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A brief look at crime 11/23- 11/29

Cold-Blooded Killer Slaughters Three Generations of Russian Family in Israel

The tragic death of three generations of the Oshrenko family who resided in Tel Aviv, Israel, shook the world. The cold-blooded murderer took lives of an elderly couple, their son and his wife, their three-year old girl and a baby boy. The police were looking for the monster who committed the worst crime in Israel’s history with a special zeal. The murderer, a 39-year old Chelyabinsk native Dmitry Lakin, immigrated to Israel under the name of Demian Kirilik and was known to Russian police as Karlik (Dwarf).

Dmitry Lakin (Demian Kirilik in Israel) met Dmitry Oshrenko while working in Premier restaurant opened by Oshrenko right after his immigration from former Soviet Union. Kirilik worked as a headwaiter in Oshrenko’s restaurant. He had a gambling problem and large debt.

Gangster Wins $364K From Poker Tournament, Arrested For Slaying

After plowing through a field of nearly eight hundred players, Sek hoped to walk away with the money. Instead, he walked away with an arrest. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had informed the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation that the winner, Sek, was wanted for his involvement in the Surrey Six slayings, which had taken place in 2007. Sophon, who allegedly has ties to the Red Scorpions, a Canadian Gang, was accused of allowing the killers in the shooting access to the tower in which six people, as well as two bystanders, lost their lives. He is currently being charged with manslaughter and is the sixth arrest made in the case.

Chicago police sergeant charged with stealing about $600,000 from union fund

The head of the Chicago police sergeants’ union was charged with looting union dues to pay for steak dinners, gambling trips to Las Vegas and a second residence in the city’s Sauganash neighborhood.  Sgt. John Pallohusky, a 21-year veteran assigned to the detective division, was arrested at his Northwest Side home early Friday on felony theft and money-laundering charges for allegedly embezzling about $600,000 over the last several years.  “This case makes this a very difficult day for all of us in law enforcement,” said State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez

Exchange bandit’ sentenced to six years:
Bay Street financier robbed a series of banks during his lunch hour

Born in Bahrain, Pinto immigrated to Canada in 1987, when he was 16. He studied psychology and sociology at the University of Western Ontario, where his addiction first took hold while betting on sports, court heard during his sentencing hearing.  By age 25, he was gambling about $1,000 a day. His compulsive gambling addiction maxed out his credit cards and left him more than $100,000 in debt, according to his lawyer, Calvin Barry.

Woman Accused Of Stealing $300K From HOA For Gambling

A manager of a Cherry Creek luxury condo-owners association has been charged with stealing $308,000 from the group’s bank account and using thousands in ATM withdrawals to gamble at Black Hawk casinos.  An official for the Portico Homeowners Association was alerted in June by a US Bank representative that the condominium group’s account had been emptied by “unusually large ATM withdrawals and debits, many withdrawals taking place in Black Hawk, Colorado,” home to several gambling casinos, according to court records.

Man admits church fraud

A churchgoer pleaded guilty to fraud today after gambling away money that fellow parishioners thought they had donated for his “medical” treatment. He admitted 14 charges of obtaining money by deception. Eight of the charges related to sums of over $1000.

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