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NBA deals with another gambling scandal on the heels of former referee Tim Donaghy’s release from prison.

A year and a half ago, Casino Watch Focus provided the details of the sentencing in a high profile NBA gambling case involving former NBA referee Tim Donaghy.  He pled guilty to using inside information to gamble on games and selling that information to others.  He still claims that he never altered the outcome of the games, a fact an independent NBA and FBI investigation confirmed.  He claimed that he could predict the out come of the games because of the established relationships he knew existed between other referees and owners in the NBA.  He also claimed that he was threatened by the Mob to provide them with his gambling selections, or else his family’s welfare would be in jeopardy.  He had around a 75% success rate at picking the correct winner, a stat the Mob just couldn’t ignore Donaghy claimed.

The entire situation was a total embarrassment for the NBA.  Following Donaghy’s recent release from prison, the NBA was hoping to put the gambling issue behind them after what the they knew would be several national interviews and various press regarding Tim Donaghy’s story.  However, an online source is reporting that another gambling scandal is looming over the NBA:

The National Basketball Association has recently informed the Sacramento Kings that one of their (former) employees had gambled while still with the team.

The former assistant director of scouting, Jack Mai, was reported to have gambled while still employed by the Kings. Mai was fired from the team in January. He had been with the team for eight seasons.

The Kings had disbursed a press release with conclusive findings that Mai had in fact taken part in sports gambling whilst under employment. “Improper wagering activities” where what he had engaged in, thus causing him to lose his status, both present and future, with the NBA and any team beneath its umbrella. A spokesperson from the NBA stated that Mai would not be eligible for reinstatement.

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