A brief look at crime 11/30 – 12/06

Churchyard murder accused ‘killed friend for gambling winnings’

A HALESOWEN man brutally battered a close friend to death in a town centre churchyard and stole his £1,000 gambling winnings – a court heard this week.  Father of three Paul Hadley suffered “colossal” head injuries in the attack in which he was repeatedly beaten with a metal object leaving his skull “fractured and fragmented.”  Richard Latham QC prosecuting told Wolverhampton Crown Court Mr Hadley, a carer for a blind and deaf man and a known gambler and drinker, had earlier been “flashing” his winnings.

Chinese mob bosses sentenced to death in crackdown

Two mob bosses – nicknamed the “Hammerhead” and “Spicy Qin” – have been sentenced to death for murder and illegally running a business empire involving underground casinos, cement factories and poultry markets in southern China, a court official and local media said Friday.

The long-awaited verdict, which was 60,000 pages long, is the latest development in a sweeping crackdown on organized crime in China. High-profile trials in other parts of the country have exposed powerful criminal networks, often involving collusion between gangsters and officials.

Pali killer gets life sentence

Ethan “Malu” Motta was sentenced yesterday to life in federal prison without parole, almost six years after he and two others murdered two men and critically injured a third in a violent underworld dispute over control of illegal gambling games in the Islands. Mollway said Motta committed “horrible crimes” and held “a very high position in the criminal underworld hierarchy.”  Motta was convicted of two charges of committing murder in support of criminal racketeering — punishable by a mandatory sentence of life without parole.

Killings in England May Relate to Soccer Betting Ring

For over a year now, the murders of Zhen Xing Yang and his girlfriend Xi Zhou continue to be a mystery, though the alleged murderer has since been taken into custody.  Police said Mr Zhen,25, was “assaulted for more than an hour” before being stabbed. They believe passers-by may have heard his screams.  A post-mortem examination revealed he suffered extensive bruising to his arms before he died.  Examinations also showed Miss Xi may have been asphyxiated as well as stabbed during the attack.

All of this, investigators now believe, points to a soccer betting ring.  According to the New York Times, Detectives unearthed evidence that the victims were both involved with an Asian gambling ring that was relying on advance tips to bet on English soccer matches.

Mark Lowery bankrolled gambling with theft from Walker lads

MONEY-grabbing Mark Lowery is today exposed as a charity rat who stole from a lads’ football team to bankroll his gambling habit.  Lowery was a coach at Newcastle’s Walker Central FC, where he volunteered and helped train the budding young footballers.  He was so trusted that club officials allowed him to collect subscription fees, and it was these he blew on gambling – stealing £1,387 between June and last month.  The 29-year-old even stole from a charity scheme run by the club, for which families would bring in old clothes to be passed on to a worthy cause for cash.

Jailed China mafia trial judge kills self: report

A former director at Chongqing’s high court, Wu had been charged with accepting 3.5 million yuan (512,700 dollars) in bribes and being unable to explain the source of 5.2 million yuan in his possession, the report said. The officials are charged with accepting large sums of money to protect organised crime and illegal gambling rackets.

A former senior judge awaiting trial in a massive organised crime crackdown in southwest China hung himself in jail using the drawstring of his underwear, state media said Monday.  Wu Xiaoqing, 57, was found hanging from his detention cell doorway in Chongqing city on Saturday afternoon and pronounced dead several hours later after being rushed to hospital, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Gambler milked his girlfriend’s life savings

A COMPULSIVE gambler who plundered his girlfriend’s life savings to pay for his addiction has been jailed.  Exeter Crown Court heard over the space of five months, 31-year-old Matthew Parker dipped into Melanie Jordan’s Royal Bank of Scotland account more than 145 times and took almost £14,000.  He then blew the cash in casinos, always hoping for the big win which would allow him to repay the money before he was found out.  But that never happened.

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