Update: Legislative Committee stripped bill aimed at preventing regulatory abuse by the Missouri Gaming Commission

Casino Watch Focus reported that Missouri House Rep. Tishaura Jones filed HB 1826 in an effort to prevent the Missouri Gaming Commission from pulling a license because of declining performance.  HB 1826 was sent to The House Urban Issues Committee.  The St Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that the bill was amended in the committee in way contrary to the bill’s intent:

The House Urban Issues Committee voted Monday evening to allow state regulators to revoke gambling licenses because of casinos’ inadequate financial performance, so long as 90 days’ notice is given.

That was the opposite of what Rep. Tishaura Jones, D-St. Louis, proposed when she filed the legislation that the committee was considering. So after the amendment was added, the chairman, Rep. Ted Hoskins, D-Berkeley, shelved the bill and ended the meeting.

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