Rep. Barney Frank’s bill to regulate Internet gambling comes under fire

Casino Watch Focus has reported many times on the opposition to legalizing online gambling. Now it appears that Rep. Frank’s bill has caught the ire of Richard Land, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.  An online source reports:

Frank has already indicated his intention to seek committee approval for his Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act, H.R. 2267, which already has 66 co-sponsors across both Republcan and Democrat parties.

In his letter to committee members, Land noted that his ERLC is particularly disturbed that the Frank proposal would:

(1) release license recipients from state and federal control by granting “complete defense against any prosecution”;

(2) grant authority to the Treasury Department to regulate gambling and thereby remove this power from the states, where it traditionally has rested; and

(3) transfer the ability to criminalize online wagering from a state’s citizens to its governor, who can effectively reverse anti-gambling laws by deciding not to withdraw from legalized Internet wagering as regulated by the Treasury Department.

The article went on to explain that Land also views the bill as serving the financial interests of gambling companies while complicating our international trade commitments.  Groups including the NCAA, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL also expressed their opposition in a joint letter to the committee.

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