Daily Archives: June 24, 2010

Missouri Gaming Commission approves 24-hr gambling

The Missouri Gaming Commission recently approved 24-hr gambling in Missouri Casinos.  The move has been made possible by the closing of The President Casino.  KPLR St Louis explains:

Many of the state’s 13 casinos already stay open 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays but close for several hours each day during the week.

That’s partly a function of the number of state enforcement agents available for each casino.
But the President Casino in St. Louis going out of business next month. Officials with the Missouri Gaming Commission say that means there will be enough agents available for transfer to other casinos to allow for the extended hours.

Clarence Greeno is the commission’s assistant deputy director of enforcement. Greeno says every casino that asked to begin 24-hour operations on July 1 will be allowed to do so.

The move has already prompted Ameristar to begin a massive expansion.  The Kansas City Star explains:

Ameristar Kansas City Casino and Hotel has announced a $14 million hotel expansion that will include 100 more rooms and a fitness center. The expansion is to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2011. Ameristar extensively remodeled the hotel’s 184 rooms and lobby in mid-2006 and occupancy has been strong, the company said.

Ameristar expects that trend to continue since the Missouri Gaming Commission recently approved 24-hour gambling — scheduled to begin later this summer. The hotel addition will feature 80 deluxe rooms and 20 suites and connect into the hotel on each floor using the existing infrastructure.

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