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A Brief Look at Crime 7/26-8/1

Extortion: Kidnapping charge hangs over 11 suspects

Police have roped in eight more suspects, including two women, to assist in the investigation of an extortion case that occurred here last Saturday. That means police are now detaining and interrogating 11 suspects in connection with the case which rocked the town in the past few days.  A 22-year-old unemployed man from Sarikei, surnamed Lu, together with his fiancee, a 20-year-old college student surnamed Ting, were believed to have  engineered the plot to raise money for Lu to settle his gambling debts. Lu, a suspected habitual gambler and drug addict, had apparently gambled heavily and lost during the recent World Cup.

Ballarat woman charged with $500,000 employer theft

BALLARAT woman allegedly stole $522,000 from her former employer to feed her gambling habit, a court heard yesterday.  Ballarat Crime Investigation Unit Detective Senior Constable Barry Hills said Berrigan was working at Summerfield Wines in Moonambel from 2006 to 2009. He said it was during this time she allegedly sent internet money transactions from the business account to her personal account to fund a gambling addiction. The alleged theft was discovered by a bank audit this month. “It allegedly occurred regularly over a four-year period to the value of $522,000,” he said.

66 Arrested For Gambling, Cock Fighting

Forty-two people, including a woman, were arrested for gambling at a squatter area in Pantai Dalam, here last night. Twenty-four others were arrested for engaging in cock-fighting in Bandar Puteri Puchong Sunday.  Kuala Lumpur vice, gambling and secret society investigation department staff officer DSP Razali Abu Samah said those arrested in Pantai Dalam were four local men and 38 Indonesians aged between 19 and 65. “Police raided the place at 9.15pm and found them playing the ‘bola gelek’ game at the back of a sundry shop in the area,” he told Bernama. Three of them were with passports, nine with red identity cards and 26 without documents.  He said police also seized RM7,723 in cash and several gambling paraphernalia.  Meanwhile, police arrested 24 people for engaging in cock-fighting in Bandar Puteri Puchong near here.

Atherton bank manager found, makes admissions to police about missing $3.1m

BUSTED banker Colin Carleton’s own children barely recognised the man in the dock whose secret double life led him to gamble $3 million of his customers’ money. None of us had any idea of his alter ego or secret double life.”I feel totally betrayed myself. “But I’m not going to judge him. I’ll let the court do that.” He said the suggestion by investigators was that Mr Carleton had been using the term deposit accounts of his customers to fund his “addiction to online gambling or share market trading”. “The financial crime private investigators for the bank told me the addiction can be as bad as heroin and just as hard to stop.

Cancer conman jailed for two years

A man who told Catholic churchgoers he needed money to pay for his cancer treatment and fleeced them out of a quarter of a million dollars to support his gambling habit has been jailed.  Police said he convinced fellow parishioners at the [Church] he was suffering from cancer and needed the money to pay for treatment. He had, in fact, only suffered a brief period of minor illness, and spent most of the money on gambling.  Between 2003 and May last year, good Samaritans from Mr Marychurch parish collected a total of $265,010 for him.  In handing down the sentence, Auckland District Court Judge Nicola Mathers said the offending was ”worse than that of a common thief”. ‘Your actions preyed on the generosity and Christian beliefs of those parishioners.” Most of the victims were elderly, of limited means, and would not live to see any of the reparation Marychurch had been ordered to pay, at $50 a week, when he is released from prison.

Man Shot in Neck Outside Harlem Social Club

A man was critically wounded when he was shot outside an after hours club in Harlem Tuesday morning, police said. The victim was taken to Harlem Hospital where he is listed in critical condition, according to police. No arrests have been made, but an investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Police at the scene said that the facility has been linked to illegal gambling activity.

Police rescue child from locked car outside casino

A father accused of abandoning his toddler for hours inside a locked van in an Alberta casino parking lot on a hot day is facing charges. RCMP in Cochrane were forced to smash open the van’s passenger side window to free the child, who was found in distress at the Stoney Nakoda Casino Saturday around 2:40 p.m. The toddler was covered in sweat and looked to be dehydrated, police say.

Stark County sues to recover embezzled $3 million

Stark County filed a civil lawsuit Wednesday to try to recover some of the nearly $3 million embezzled from the county treasurer’s office. The suit names as defendants former Chief Deputy Treasurer Vincent Frustaci, who admitted stealing and gambling away county cash; Treasurer Gary Zeigler; and two companies that had insured Zeigler in his public position.

”The county taxpayers are out a lot of money,” county Prosecutor John Ferrero said after filing the suit in Common Pleas Court. ”It’s time to do something.  . . . We felt we had to bring this to a head and get it in court.” Authorities arrested Frustaci last month. He has admitted to stealing nearly $2.5 million over several years starting in 2003. He was fired in April 2009 after the theft was discovered. In all, $2.9 million is missing, according to a special state audit.

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