Quality of Life Group in Cape Girardeau is against casino

Casino Watch Focus has been reporting on the possibility of Missouri’s 13th Casino license being awarded in the Cape Girardeau area.  The city had voted in a past election to not allow a casino in the area.  A group, called the Quality of Life Group, gathered signatures to put the issue back on the ballot.  They were successful and the issue will now face a vote.  The South East Missourian is now reporting that the group is actually opposed to a casino and will campaign for a “NO” vote on the issue:

After successfully petitioning to force a vote on gambling, Quality of Life in Cape Girardeau will reinvent itself this week as a campaign committee to persuade voters to reject a casino, spokesman Doug Austin said Monday.

[Doug Austin] said the committee will focus on the economic questions of whether money spent at a casino would be spent in Cape Girardeau anyway.  “The one thing this committee will stand for is truth and fairness,” Austin said.

The other point the committee will make is that every dollar in local taxes paid by the casino comes at the price of someone losing money while gambling, Austin said.  “In my opinion, this is built on losing,” he said. “I do not see the success of our city and the future generations of our city being built on the foundation of people losing money. I don’t want to predicate my success on your failure.”

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