Daily Archives: September 28, 2010

Florida election could be key to online gambling legislation

Casino Watch Focus reported that Rep. Barney Frank is pushing a bill to legalize online gambling and that it was voted out of committee and opened up to debate.  The bill is expected to be tabled until after the new year because of the mid-term elections.  One area of concern for Rep. Frank is Florida.  An online gambling site explains:

Representative Barney Frank has introduced legislation that would overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Frank’s bill would lay the groundwork for a regulated Internet gambling industry in the US, and the legislation has already passed the House Financial Services Committee that Frank chairs.

With mid-term elections coming fast, it is expected that Frank will table the online gambling bill until after the new year. If that happens, he would have to start over from scratch, which is when the Senate seat from Florida will become important in the issue.

Marco Rubio, who is firmly against gambling, will represent the Republicans in the Senate race and Kendrick Meek won the Democratic primary.  Both will run against Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who turned independent and clearly supports gambling.  This election clearly represents a swing vote as a vote for Rubio helps to preserve current legislation making online gambling illegal and a vote for Crist, and possibly Meek, represents a pro gambling position that could lead to the passage of Rep. Frank’s bill.

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