Daily Archives: September 30, 2010

Guest Article: “On Making Monkeys of Public Officials”

A special guest article by Dan Hite the chairman of MOCAGEMissouri Clergy Against Gambling Expansion:

Like the proverbial monkey that won’t let go of the rice in the narrow-necked gourd, the lure of a non-tax revenue stream traps most “narrow-minded” officials into approving casinos for their jurisdiction.  Yes, I said narrow-minded, tunnel-visioned public servants who have their eye on one thing–easy money (not unlike the gambler himself).  The official does not see the bigger picture of entrapment and becoming complicit with those who exploit the poor and also put at risk the social and economic stability of a region.  Statistics show that taking into account the social and overall business impact of a community, a casino brings a negative cash flow rather than a positive one. For those communities, quality of life takes a nosedive.  Crime increases, more families are fractured, school budgets are shifted, and mom and pop businesses disappear. Officials are elected to make responsible decisions that reflect the big picture of a successful community, not just the financial bottom line. They have a moral responsibility to protect the community and promote a wholesome atmosphere where local families and businesses can thrive.  Can anyone describe casinos as wholesome and family oriented? Casinos suck more life and money out of a local economy than they put into it.  Most of the casino revenues leave town.  Remember, the house ALWAYS wins…because the gamblers lose…that’s how casinos stay in business; and that’s bad business as far as I’m concerned. Don’t let this kind of monkey-business into your neighborhood.

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