Missouri Gaming Commission to hear casino plans Oct 20th and decide by Thanksgiving

Casino Watch Focus has reported that the Missouri Gaming Commission favors Cape Girardeau as the next location for a new casino.  The Missouri Gaming Commission not only considers the location, but also the specific casino plan for those areas.  The South East Missourian is reporting that the Gaming Commission will meet soon and plan to decide by Thanksgiving:

Isle of Capri and city officials will try to convince the Missouri Gaming Commission that Cape Girardeau is the best choice for the state’s newest casino Oct. 20 at a hearing in Jefferson City.

After that, a decision between the four applicants — three if Cape Girardeau voters say no at the ballot box Nov. 2 — should come by Thanksgiving, said commission chairman Jim Mathewson.

The five-member commission will hear proposals from representatives of all four proposed casinos beginning at 9 a.m. at the Doubletree Hotel in Jefferson City. Mathewson said each presentation will last up to one hour. The order of the presentations will be determined by lottery, he said.

The Gaming Commission has said they will be looking for companies that are financially strong and will remain so for years to come.  They will also be factoring the state’s Department of Economic Development economic impact analysis which should be completed by the end of the month. Those against the casino in Cape hope it never gets that far.  The South East Missourian continues:

“I understand their process,” [Doug Austin, who is leading the opposition to a casino with his campaign committee Quality of Life in Cape Girardeau] said. “They’re gathering all their facts and data. But I’m hoping it never gets that far. Obviously, I’m against casinos, whatever facts and figures they present.” The group, Austin said, plans to put yard signs up in the next week, as well as launch anti-casino campaign ads on radio and newspapers.

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