Daily Archives: November 20, 2010

Florida makes a statement against gambling with election of Mark Rubio

Casino Watch Focus reported that Rep. Mark Rubio was running for State Senate against Florida Governor Charlie Crist and that the election could represent a major impact on the national online gambling debate.  An online source explains Mark Rubio won the Senate Seat and the people of Florida clearly sent an anti-gambling message with his victory:

If Marco Rubio wants to point to a signature issue that has driven up his Conservative base in Florida, it would be his opposition to a gambling compact that was agreed upon between Governor Charlie Crist and the Seminole Indians.

The anti-gambling stance showed that Rubio is a far right Conservative with little room for compromise. Voters in the state have found that approach soothing, as Rubio has won the US Senate seat in the state. Now, Rubio will take his anti-gambling stance to Washington.

As explained earlier, this decision will clearly shape the future of online gambling as Rubio has a history of taking the issue head on. The online article continues:

“This was one of the worst possible outcomes for online gamblers in the US in this mid-term election,” said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins, “Rubio has shown that he is against gambling expansion, and if he took on the governor in Florida, he will certainly be prepared to take on pro-gambling legislators in the Senate.”

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