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Why the MGC should not award a new casino license during its Dec 1 meeting

The Kansas City Star reported that the Missouri Gaming Commission met last week in a closed doors session to review the financial information regarding each proposal.  The next regular meeting takes place Dec 1st, and its possible the MGC will make their decision during that time.  However, as reported by Casino Watch Focus, the MGC said they might not award a casino license at all, explaining that the law only sets the cap on licenses at 13, but requires no minimum number. Casino Watch Focus has outlined many reasons why a new casino would represent great danger to Missouri families, but an op-ed piece published in the South East Missourian explains that a new casino represents terrible consequences for those living in the region:

Public officials are often jubilant over the idea of casinos sapping every dollar they can from those same citizens whose welfare they are committed to protect. We saw it recently upon the license approval of the new “River City Casino” in St. Louis.  It was anticipated to produce $200 million a year … more than $500,000 a day … in gambling losses of the people to River City. Public official and the casino people — in an apparent “de facto” partnership celebrated together!

For years we have known from experience and from studies (such as in the St. Louis Law Journal, Winter, 1995, by Professor John Warren Kindt of the University of Illinois) that when gambling options increase in a region, so do the related problems: more compulsive gamblers, more crime, more thoughts of suicides by the inevitable numbers of area people who become addicted (with some actually committing suicides), more embezzlements, more corruption of public officials…  I could go on.


Adding a new casino in Cape Girardeau will expose an unimaginable amount of new families to gambling’s dangers.   Please read the entire article here and for more information on the dangers of gambling, please visit CASINO WATCH, & CASINO WATCH FOUNDATION