Mid-term elections deal a blow to pro-online gambling interests; Rep Barney Frank is out of power

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing saga by Rep. Barney Frank to attempt to legalize online gambling.  Now that the Mid-term elections have change the balance of power in the house, an online source explains that some major changes are imminent:

Online gambling’s biggest ally is expected to be replaced by the industry’s most outspoken opponent.  With the Republicans taking control of the House, Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus would probably be named the new Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, currently chaired by Barney Frank.

Bachus has been in staunch opposition to legalized online gambling, including Internet poker.  Frank has attempted to pass legislation that would license and regulate the multi-billion dollar industry within the United States.

It is not a guarantee that Bachus would take over the position, but if he does, he has a track record in various leadership roles of obstructing attempts to legalize gambling related activities.  It seems quite clear that internet gambling will remain illegal for the next few years.

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