Largest Law-Enforcement Mob Bust in History made Possible by Illegal Gambling

Often times organized crime bust are a result of alleged mobsters not paying taxes or due to some type of racketeering.  Occasionally those arrests are the result of murder charges.  However, most of the time when reading about organized crime, illegal gambling is mentioned as the reason for arrest.  An online source is reporting on the largest mob bust in history and illegal gambling is sited as one of the main charges used to facilitate this historic event:

It is being called the biggest mobster roundup and, when all is said and done, the single most aggressive organized crime bust to ever take place in New York City. The charges range from gambling to racketeering to murder.  More than 100 suspected mob associates were being arrested throughout the early morning hours Thursday as part of several federal investigations.  Law-enforcement officials said members and associates of all five New York mafia families – as well as New Jersey’s DeCavalcante family – are among those being arrested, NBC New York reported.  Other families included the Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese, Bonanno and Colombo.

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