Daily Archives: February 21, 2011

Possible online gambling in Florida

Casino Watch Focus Reported that New Jersey’s Legislature passed regulations to legalize online gambling.  The move is contingent on the Governor approving the legislation, but it was a step that many believe will encourage other states into adopting similar regulations. An online source is reporting Florida might be one of those state to follow New Jersey’s lead:

While some Florida legislators talk of setting up Las Vegas-style casinos in a few years, others suggest there’s a way to immediately raise gambling revenues with a click of a mouse. They want to allow horse and dog tracks and jai-alai frontons to have portals to online poker rooms, with the state getting a cut of the revenues.

Under the proposal, up to three poker sites would contract with the state as hubs, with the websites of Florida’s 23 pari-mutuels’ card rooms each acting as a portal. To participate, players would click on a pari-mutuel site and go into a pool of other Florida players. The hubs would pull a small piece for each poker pot, called “the rake” in poker parlance, and pass it on to the card rooms. The state would get 10 percent of each card room’s rake, as it does now in brick-and-mortar poker rooms.

If the Florida legislature did push a proposal forward, there would be far reaching gambling expansion implications given the compact with the Seminole Tribe.  Any gambling legalized and allowed by the state, becomes legalized gambling for the Seminole Tribe.

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