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A Brief Look at Crime 02/21 – 02/27

Wife torched Vietnam journalist over money

Police said Monday the wife of a Vietnamese journalist confessed to dousing him in gasoline and torching him in his sleep – a killing his colleagues initially feared was revenge for his investigative reporting. International media rights groups were outraged at the attack after initial reports said someone broke into the bedroom through a window to set Le Hoang Hung on fire. The 50-year-old reporter worked for Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper, and colleagues feared someone upset by his reporting on corruption or smuggling investigations had targeted him. However, State media say police determined Tran Thi Thuy Lieu, 40, gambled frequently and had argued with her husband over money. Hung, 50, died Jan. 29 after 10 days of treatment for third-degree burns covering 20 percent of his body. Monday’s Labor newspaper quoted unidentified police sources as saying Lieu wanted to warn her husband after a dispute over money and did not intend to kill him. Police have determined that she lost over 1 billion dong ($47,000) during 22 gambling trips to neighboring Cambodia in December, the report said.

Woman jailed for stealing $230,000

Diane Thistle, 63, of Beverly will spend the next seven months at the women’s correctional facility in Framingham for stealing $230,000 from the Beverly Hospital cafeteria, where she worked for more than 14 years. Thistle’s lawyer, Glen Hannington, had asked for home confinement, while the state had requested that she serve the two years in prison. On release, Thistle must repay all the money, reveal her conviction to any future employer, undergo an evaluation for gambling addiction and get counseling if necessary, according to Harry Pierre, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office.

Former banker jailed for stealing $962,000

A former Corner Brook bank manager has been sent to jail for two years, less one day, for stealing almost $1 million from an elderly client. Margaret Ann May, 53, of Summerside pleaded guilty to one count of theft over $5,000 when she appeared in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador on Dec. 6. In her role as manager of client care, she began dealing with the account of the senior citizen in 2002. The victim, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, had been in receipt of quarterly dividend cheques from another banking institution which were sent to the Royal Bank. May would deposit between one-half to two-thirds of these cheque amounts into the woman’s savings account and take the rest in cash withdrawals, which were concealed. Seaborn heard that May admitted to using the money for personal purposes and that she also had a gambling addiction and lost some of the stolen money through her gambling activities.

Man dies after marathon gaming session

A man in his thirties has died after a three-day gaming binge at an internet cafe outside Beijing, during which he did not sleep and barely ate. The Beijing Times said the man was taken to hospital after falling into a coma, but could not be revived. The paper says the incident highlights China’s ongoing battle to stamp out internet addiction, which affects tens of millions of people.

Cecil man imprisoned for stealing $913,000 from employer

A federal judge today sentenced a Washington County man to two years and nine months in prison for stealing more than $913,000 from his employer. John J. Tain, 40, of Cecil pleaded guilty in October to embezzling the money while he was controller for UBICS Inc., an international information technology company in Canonsburg. His lawyer, Joseph Fox, said Tain stole the money because he’s a pathological gambler and is sorry for betraying the trust of his employers and his families. “Due to his own actions, he has lost everything. He has lost his family, his livelihood, his home and his freedom,” Fox said.

Nine charged in gambling debt killing

Nine men are facing execution for stabbing a man to death in a labour camp who refused to pay gambling debts.  The nine defendants, all from Pakistan, appeared today before the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance charged with murdering another Pakistani on August 8, 2010, in a labour camp in Abu Dhabi. Prosecutors said they killed him after he lost money gambling and refused to pay. The nine men then attempted to force him to pay using knives and sticks, prosecutors said, eventually killing him.

Moscow Takes Down 388 Illegal Casinos in less than 2 Months!

Moscow is not messing around. When they said that all illegal gambling casinos would be shut down throughout Moscow they meant it. They have now shut down over 380 illegal casinos in less than 2 months and it just goes to show how prevalent illegal gambling is in this foreign country. Since the banning of all gambling across Russia except the four that are in remote locations, illegal casinos have blossomed everywhere in protest of this harsh gambling ban. One case that has caught the eye of the world is the illegal gambling ring that was busted recently involving the Russian Mafia and the prosecutor’s office and has now launched investigations into prosecutor’s offices all across Russia.

A gambling-addicted family commits murder-suicide

A couple and their daughter who were all found dead on Tuesday in their home in Gyobingauk Township in Pegu Division were victims of a murder-suicide, according to authorities. Ti Pwar, 39, and his wife, Kay Khine Win (aka) Mee Nge, 37, sold lottery tickets and regularly gambled on soccer matches and were burdened with large debts that totaled at least 300 million kyat (US$337,078), said sources. Authorities said the couple first killed their daughter, Pon Pyace Sone, 3, and then committed suicide. ‘The day before the incident, their creditors were seriously demanding to be paid, and they forced the couple to sign  bonds. They didn’t know how to handle it. That’s why they committed suicide’, said an official.

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