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A Brief Look at Crime 04/25– 05/01

Wichita Man Sentenced on Counterfeit Argosy Riverside Casino Chip Charges

On Jan. 24, 2011, Li was convicted at trial of one count of structuring financial transactions to avoid federal reporting requirements and one count of making a false statement to a government agency in order to receive food stamps. The government argued during the trial that from Oct. 19 to Dec. 16, 2008, Li presented more than 1,000 counterfeit black $100 casino chips to the Argosy Riverside Casino and Hotel in Riverside, Mo. When Li was arrested at the casino on Dec. 16, 2008, he had 83 counterfeit chips and 43 $100 bills in his pockets.

 Police: Hellertown woman stole $20,000 from Monroe County nonprofit

A Hellertown woman has been charged with stealing nearly $20,000 from a Monroe County nonprofit housing agency to pay her bills and feed her gambling addiction, court records show. The Rev. George Alt, Shepherds president, reported to Barrett Township police on June 1 that he suspected Vincent of stealing money. Two days later, Vincent gave Alt and another nonprofit official a letter claiming “she had been stealing company funds to support a severe gambling problem.”

Man who laundered $2.2m is sent to jail for five years

A man guilty of the largest money-laundering crime that’s ever come before the Bermuda courts is today beginning a five-year prison sentence. Roger Cox used a network of 33 people to help him launder $2.2 million, which he earned from running illegal gambling dens. The crime spanned a five-year period, from 2004 onwards. When police searched Cox’s St George’s home and a bank deposit box, they found $708,560 cash he’d stashed away. Jailing the 38-year-old yesterday, Chief Justice Richard Ground said: “The scale of this operation and length of time over which it was conducted takes this case out of the ordinary.” He also jailed Michelle Lindsay, a 49-year-old former bookkeeper at Gibbons Financial Services, for assisting Cox launder $24,950 of his dirty money. She processed the cash through her own bank accounts, while suspecting it might be the proceeds of crime.

 Shooting by Seminole Tribe police officer was a first, spokesman says

TAMPA — What prompted the 24-year-old to hijack the golf cart is still a mystery.  But that robbery and subsequent ramming of a police officer landed Jonathan Bestoso in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds — the target of the first-ever police-involved shooting at any of the Seminole tribe’s seven Florida casinos. The officer, 20-year-veteran Daniel McGillicuddy, is now on paid administrative leave pending an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He left the hospital with a neck brace Friday after suffering scratches and road rash, a tribe spokesman said. Bestoso was expected to survive and be charged with aggravated battery and strong-armed robbery. In the past year, he has been arrested six other times on charges of soliciting in a right of way, battery on a law enforcement and three times for open container.

 Arrest Made In Fatal Attempted Robbery At Strip Mall Casino

Deputies captured one man wanted for a shootout in a strip-mall casino that was caught on surveillance video and he’s being charged in his partner’s death. There were three men involved in Tuesday morning’s robbery at the Allied Veterans strip mall casino near Apopka. One was killed and one is still on the run. The man they just arrested was allegedly the getaway driver. Deputies say, even from the sidewalk, he was firing his gun. Shawn Richardson, 32, made it easy for deputies to catch him. He was at the strip mall casino just a few hours before the crime and, in order to gamble there, you have to show your ID. Now, he’s in the Seminole County jail.

Ronnie Gilley pleads guilty to 11 counts

MONTGOMERY, Ala. The developer of Country Crossing said Friday he became engulfed in the flames of government corruption and became a participant in what he hated most.  Ronnie Gilley pleaded guilty Friday to 11 counts of conspiracy, bribery, aiding and abetting and money laundering, admitting to his involvement in an alleged scheme concocted to buy votes for pro-gambling legislation that would have benefited Country Crossing. Gilley, still dressed in prison orange, apologized to the court before making his plea Friday. “I am sorry. I am wrong and I plead guilty,” Gilley said.

Man arrested in murder of West Kendall business woman

Miami-Dade Police have arrested a man suspected of killing a West Kendall woman in her home. Reynerio Alonso Rivero, has been charged with first-degree murder and armed occupied burglary in the killing of Elizabeth Roxanna Palominol. Rivero has a glass eye and his right arm is disabled. According to police, the suspect said he went to Palomino’s home on the night of April 17 to “steal money to go to the casino.” Police further said the woman found the suspect hiding in her closet and she ran away to her son’s room and locked the door, but the suspect kicked the door in and attacked her, stabbing her multiple times, including twice in the throat area and twice in the back when the woman tried to get up.

Accused denies stealing from golf club

A TORQUAY Golf Club employee charged with stealing $187,000 from the pokie venue gambled more than $100,000 at the Anglesea Golf Club, a court has heard. Crown prosecutor Sally Flynn told the jury in her opening address that Ms Muscat stole the money between January and September 2007, when she was working as the club’s gaming manager. Discrepancies in the daily gaming cash reports and automatic teller machine records were revealed in an audit, the court heard.  Ms Flynn said rosters showed Ms Muscat had been working on the days when the cash went missing.

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