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A Brief Look at Crime 06/13 – 06/19

Guilty plea from ex-court clerk charged with embezzlement

A former Washoe District Court clerk pleaded guilty today to stealing more than $202,000 from a court trust fund — money used to cover gambling debts. Teresa Prince, who resigned her post after the alleged check-writing scam was discovered on Feb. 25, faces a maximum 30-year sentence for the three grand theft charges. Prince was a supervisory clerk when she allegedly obtained a key from court officials and took checks from a locked cabinet, according to documents. The checks were for a trust account that covered court-ordered payments.

 Kansas casino employees investigated

A Kansas regulatory board is investigating employees of a state-owned casino in Dodge City over allegations they were involved in illegal off-site poker games, and about two dozen could face suspension or loss of their state licenses, a board spokesman confirmed Friday. The state Racing and Gaming Commission provided few details about the allegations surrounding the workers at the Boot Hill Casino and Resort. But spokesman Bill Miskell said that most worked at the casino’s table games and that the employees under investigation will receive notices that their licenses, which they need to work in the casino, are under review. “Our investigation has determined with certainty that games were occurring weekly,” Miskell told The Associated Press. “We are not in a position at this time to provide more specific details regarding the investigation.”

Real estate fraudster ruined daughter in ‘flipping’ scheme

A Snohomish man charged with ripping off investors of $2.6 million in part to pay for a gambling habit is now accused of ruining his daughter’s credit in a house “flipping” scheme. Having previously charged Michael J. Reeder with dozens of counts related to the real estate fraud, King County prosecutors now claim the 42-year-old former Burlington resident duped his daughter into falsifying a mortgage application. In charging documents filed earlier in June, a state investigator alleged Reeder in 2007 told his then-20-year-old daughter he was dying of cancer and that he wanted her “taken care of” after he was gone. Instead, the subsequent loan in her name ruined her credit and saddled her with debt.

Gamblers abandon children in casinos

More than 140 children have been abandoned in New Zealand casinos in the past 2 years – but that could be the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to gambling-related child neglect, experts say.  New Department of Internal Affairs figures this week revealed 19 cases in 2011 so far, compared with 49 in 2010 and 23 in 2009. The 91 cases involved a total of 144 children, including a 4-month-old found in a vehicle parked at SkyCity casino in Auckland in February 2009. In May last year, police were called to the same casino after a child was abandoned while his grandparents played bingo. Heather McShane of Internal Affairs’ gambling compliance group said most of the children were found at SkyCity, the biggest casino in the country.

Waukesha woman who stole from meal sites gets prison term

A former Waukesha County account clerk who stole more than $300,000 donated by senior citizens for their meals at 12 nutrition sites was sentenced Monday to five years in prison. Kham Sisaleumsak, who told authorities she gambled away the money, was charged in February 2010 with 13 counts of felony theft in a business setting. The criminal charges against Sisaleumsak, 45, of Waukesha, covered six years and the theft of $277,000. But she was stealing money longer than that, Assistant District Attorney Mary C. Brejcha said, and the amount totaled about $380,000.

Texan busted in NBA finals gambling probe

An alleged bookie accused of accepting bets on the NBA finals between the Mavericks and the Heat has been charged with money laundering. The Bexar (bayr) County Sheriff’s Office says 67-year-old Federico Felan of San Antonio was arrested Monday and nearly $161,000 was seized, along with possible gaming tickets and ledgers. The Dallas Mavericks beat Miami on Sunday night for the NBA title and the money was confiscated from Felan, his car and his home allegedly before he could pay off any winners. Lt. Tammy Burr described Felan as a career bookie and his arrest came after a long-term investigation. Burr says more arrests are expected.

 Beason outlines $500,000 offer, threats

Sen. Scott Beason, who cooperated with a federal investigation into alleged corruption in the Alabama Legislature, talked Monday about being offered as much as $500,000 if he supported pro-gambling legislation and spoke about wearing a wire to record subsequent conversations with defendants. Beason was the first witness in the federal corruption case that started last week. Nine defendants are on trial for their roles in an alleged scheme to buy and sell support for pro-gambling legislation.

Man sues after being robbed, shot following big win at local casino

A St. Louis County man has filed a lawsuit against the Casino Queen after he was followed, shot and robbed after winning nearly $18,000 in April of 2009. He claims that the casino did not do enough to protect him.  In the lawsuit, the victim, mark Meyers, claims that the Casino Queen “ruined his life,” and blames security for physical, financial and mental bruises. After the incident, Myers lost his job, and can no longer run or exercise after having multiple surgeries over the past two years.

67 arrested in Pike County cockfighting raid

“The majority of the people we arrested were from Louisiana,” Pike County Sheriff Mark Shepherd said. “They thought it was convenient to come across the state line and set up shop and have these fights here.” Fighting roosters is a felony in Louisiana, whereas in Mississippi it is a misdemeanor. Only four or five of the 67 people arrested are from Mississippi, District Attorney Dee Bates said. Two of those were the proprietors of the land where the fight was held. Drugs, alcohol, weapons, cockfighting items, and just under $40,000 in cash also were taken from the scene, officials said.

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