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Terrell Ownens, Santana Moss and 23 other players are under investigation for violating NFL gaming operation rules

Casino Watch Focus has reported numerous times on the NFL’s anti-gambling position.  The organization doesn’t like gambling on its sport because they know from other sports the propensity for corruption, game fixing and the devastating trail that can be left behind in gambling’s wake. They also have rules in place to prevent players from being involved with any gaming operation.  It’s too easy for the reputation of the NFL to be tarnished if someone is involved in a major gambling scandal.  An online source is reporting that one of those major gambling stories that is likely to reflect negatively on the NFL is making headlines as star NFL players have gotten involved in the wrong gambling business venture:

The NFL is investigating the reported investment by at least 25 NFL players in an Alabama casino that has been shut down, a business venture that might have run afoul of league rules. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed the investigation Friday, a day after Yahoo! Sports reported that wide receivers Terrell Owens, Santonio Holmes, Santana Moss and other players had invested some $20 million in Country Crossing casino. The report also named defensive tackle Gerard Warren and linebacker Adalius Thomas, a free agent who played for the New England Patriots until his release before last season.

The Players involved could face severe fines or even suspension for their involvement.  The Alabama casino in question has been a major source of investigation, as key operators have pleaded guilty to offering millions in bribes.  The Bradenton Online continues:

Country Crossing owner Ronnie Gilley and two of his lobbyists have pleaded guilty to offering legislators millions in bribes. Country Crossing and another Alabama casino are at the center of a probe that resulted in nine people going to trial accused of buying and selling votes on pro-gambling legislation, including four former or current state senators. State police raids and court rulings closed the two bigger casinos and other gambling operations around the state. Yahoo! Sports said boxer Floyd Mayweather was an early investor who is trying to get his money back. Former NFL players Cornelius Griffin and Jevon Kearse also have put in money, the report said.

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