Washington DC to allow online poker in September

Casino Watch Focus reported  that several states were in a race to be the first to legalize online poker.  New Jersey was the first to pass a bill to legalize it, but then the Governor vetoed the bill.  California considered full online gambling, but as an online source reported, California decided to partner with  PlayTech to provide online gaming, but it will only allow people to play for free, not for actual money.  They are laying the foundation for a possible change in federal policy that has effectively made online gaming illegal. Washington D.C. joined the mix and passed a measure to allow online gambling back in April.  Now, a different online source, is now reporting that they plan to go live with their online poker bill in September, but there is a catch:

Washington, D.C. will begin allowing poker players to play with real cash online beginning in September.  There’s one catch.  They’ll have to be in Washington, D.C. to play.

The District of Columbia is in the midst of rolling out the first legalized online poker room in the US.  It will be overseen by the D.C. Lottery and is considered a precursor to other states such as California and Florida jumping into the fray.  Nevada’s Governor signed a bill into law allowing Web poker in his state but the law only kicks into effect when similar legislation is passed on the federal level.

Congress did not object to the District’s efforts during its 30-day review period of the law, though legality issues remain unclear especially in light of recent federal crackdowns. 

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