Daily Archives: July 28, 2011

UPDATE: Washington DC Online Gambling to be delayed

Casino Watch Focus reported  that while many states were evaluating and pushing the idea of online gambling in there specific jurisdictions, Washington DC was the first to pass a bill and select a date to go live.  Their push to legalize didn’t come with out outspoken opposition and controversy.  Now, an online source is reporting that the DC Lottery is planning to delay the launch to allow for citizens’ input:

Opponents of a new online casino site in Washington D.C. were pleased on Monday when the D.C. Lottery announced that it would be delaying the launch of the online casino. The delay, according to city council members, is for time to gain public input on the controversial issue.

“It could be October, it could be November, it could be next year,” said council member Jack Evans, in response to when the online casino will finally be launched. Other council members believed that later this year was the more probable date for the start of regulated online gambling in the city.

The DC Lottery is planning to hold a series of forums for people on both side of the issue to voice their opinion and learn about the proposed online site.  Its unclear if they are simply stalling in hopes of a Federal online gambling bill to pass, or if they are actually wanting to gather feedback from the people.

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