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Alex Rodriguez Comes Under Investigation because of more illegal Gambling Allegations

Casino Watch Focus recently reported that several star NLF athletes, including Terrell Owens and Santana Moss, were under investigation for violating NFL gaming operation rules.  Now it appears that Major League Baseball is suffering from a similar potentially embarrassing gambling investigation.  One of baseball’s biggest starts, Alex Rodriguez, is under investigation for alleged evolvement in illegal high-end poker games.  The Wall Street Journal explains:

Yankees star Alex Rodriguez will be interviewed by Major League Baseball as part of its investigation of his involvement in illegal poker games.  Star Magazine reported last month that several people saw A-Rod playing in games hosted at Hollywood hotels and residences. His publicist denied that Rodriguez participated.

Rodriguez’s name is not mentioned in any court filings in relation to the games.  MLB said at the time that the report was the first the commissioner’s office had heard about the accusation and baseball officials would look into the matter.

However, this is not the first time A-Rod has been under fire due to his gambling.  The Wall Street Journal explains:

Rodriguez also faced questions about his gambling habits in 2005, when the Daily News reported he attended games at an underground poker club in New York. The slugging third baseman later acknowledged “it wasn’t the right thing to do,” and checked with MLB before holding a charity poker tournament the following year.    

Rodriguez is possibly facing a suspension from baseball if these allegations are proven.  ESPN  explains why his gambling past may catch up with him on a disciplinary level:

An MLB executive, speaking to ESPNNewYork.com on condition of anonymity, indicated that Rodriguez could miss games if the investigation proves he was at the poker games. “Because he had been warned about this before, I would say a possible suspension would be very much in play.”

Although baseball’s investigation centers on Rodriguez’s card-playing, and he is not thought to have gambled on the outcome of any baseball games, the fact that he may have disregarded Selig’s warning is said to have angered the commissioner.

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