Facebook to Ban Online Gambling Advertisements in US

Casino Watch Focus has reported on many of the ongoing online gambling battles both locally and abroad.  Most reports have focused on which states were entertaining legalizing online poker, but others have looked at the impact of national laws on international companies. A new international company to look at revamping their business practices due to national online gambling laws is Facebook.  An online source is reporting that Facebook is banning online gambling advertisements in jurisdictions that make online gambling illegal:

Recently, Facebook has started to clamp down on different forms of advertising. Online gambling is one of those areas addressed in the most recent update. One site that will be prohibited from advertising on Facebook will be Full Tilt Poker. The company recently lost their gaming license in Alderney after falling behind on payments. The online poker site also has closed its doors to customers since Black Friday in the US, when executives for the site were indicted. Other online poker sites, including PokerStars, will be allowed to advertise on Facebook.

One of the clarifications that Facebook has made regarding their online gambling advertising, is the company can only promote their product outside the US. The US has online gambling prohibition in place, and Facebook is ensuring they are not promoting something that the government deems illegal.

The Internet gambling laws in the US could change in the coming months with many lawmakers pushing a bill that would regulate online poker. If online poker became regulated in the country, Facebook would likely change their advertising policies once again to allow companies to promote their online poker sites to US citizens.   

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