Washington D.C. online poker bill passage to come under investigation

Casino Watch Focus reported  that Washington D.C. joined the race to become the first jurisdiction to legalize online poker.  It was further reported that they passed their bill and planned to be open for business in September.  However, the D.C. Lottery stepped in and delayed to process to allow for citizen input.  Now, an online source is reporting that they are going one step farther and investigation the entire process by which the bill was passed:

When your government doesn’t even trust its own politicians there has to be something wrong in Denmark! It seems that some are upset over the way the online poker bill was passed in Washington D.C. earlier this year and now Councilman Jack Evans is calling for an investigation into what he calls the “Sneaky passage” of the legalization bill for the D.C. district.  There is currently an ongoing investigation being conducted by the Inspector General of the D.C. lottery contract award,

Councilman Evans chairs the Committee on Finance and Revenue and is planning to hold a meeting that’s open to the public about the D.C. lottery contract award and he is hoping the gambling bill will also be added. The gambling bill passed because there was a deadline for Congress to reject the bill, but all heads were concentrating on the fiscal budget and the deficit so the gambling bill for intrastate gaming in D.C. passed because of failure to reject.

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