Florida Chamber of Commerce, Disney and others oppose casino expansion in Florida

Casino Watch Focus reported that  a recent court ruling at the appellate level in Florida is paving the way for Florida legislature to pass expanded gambling legislation without a vote from the people.  As has been reported in the past, many Las Vegas companies are hoping to bring full scale destination gambling resorts to Florida.  Now that the Vegas companies are one step closer to achieving their goal, many key groups are standing up against gambling expansion and casinos in specific. The Orland Sentinel explains:

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is among those lining up against a destination casino bill that could bring three Las Vegas-style resorts to South Florida. The Chamber, along with representatives of Walt Disney World, No Casinos, Inc., and Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings met with the Orlando Sentinel editorial board Thursday to talk about its opposition to gambling.

Wilson said that, for the past decade, he and chamber members have been trying to build Florida’s “economy of the future” by diversifying the state’s range of employers and attracting higher-paid, higher-tech jobs. All of this, he said, could be endangered by the growth of what he called ”commercial casino gambling.”

The Florida Chamber of Commerce practices what it preaches as well. As is common with gambling interests, they sent money to the Florida Chamber in hopes of gaining their support.  The Chamber went on record that they weren’t interested.  The Miami Herald explains:

Florida Chamber President Mark Wilson went to great lengths to say Thursday that his organization had refused to accept checks from gaming interests. “We’ve returned their checks. You cannot buy our support,” he told the Orlando Sentinel editorial board. “My organization is not willing for a minute to risk the future of Florida for a quick buck. … Commercial casino gambling is one of the biggest threats to the future of Florida that is on the drawing board right now.”

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