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Florida Hotel and Restaurant group is against Las Vegas stytle casino expansion.

Casino Watch Focus has explained that a recent court ruling at the appellate level in Florida has currently paved the way for Florida legislature to pass expanded gambling legislation without a vote from the people.  Key groups immediate came out against this possible gambling expansion.  Casino Watch Focus specifically reported that The Florida Chamber of Commerce, Disney, the Orange County Sheriff and No Casinos Inc were among the original voices to speak out.  Now the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association has come out against expansion as well.  The Orlando Sentinel explains:

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association released an overview of its legislative priorities for the 2012 legislative session and among them is the defeat of the destination casino bill.

“Florida is considered one of the most family-friendly destination locations in the world,” a release from the group outlining the priorities reads. “Should we gamble our decades of work to build our wholesome reputation on the risky proposition that those big spending foreign gamblers will solve our economic problems?”

The court ruling could still be challenged to the Florida Supreme Court.  However, if the ruling stands and legislators can pass bills without a vote of the people, they would be wise to remember that they still represent the people and their reelection ability will hinge on such representation.  An online source revealed that only 20% of Florida voters support expansion of gambling:

While some politicians and lobbyists in Tallahassee seem mesmerized by the neon lights and garish glitter of high-stakes casino gambling, an overwhelming majority of likely Florida voters either want gambling scaled back or left as is.

“Voters know that more gambling never lives up to the promises made by gambling interests,” said No Casinos President John Sowinski. “The Florida Lottery was supposed to save education – It did not. Slots in Dade and Broward were supposed to pay big dividends to schools – They have not. Now a Malaysian gambling conglomerate and Las Vegas casino giants are making even bigger promises. Florida voters are smart enough to see through their smokescreen.”

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