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A Brief Look at Crime 11/28 – 12/04

Security guard shot to death during robbery in NE Harris County

A security guard at an illegal gambling business was shot and killed during a robbery early this morning. Another person is hurt.  It all happened with customers inside and now the search is on for the two robbers who took off with an unknown amount of cash. It happened just before 5am on Beaumont Highway and Sheldon Road.  Detectives tell us when  deputies were first called out, they thought they were headed to a shooting at a tire shop.  But they say the men who robbed the place knew it was an illegal gaming operation.

 Tobey Maguire to Pay $80G to Settle Illegal Poker Ring Lawsuit

Actor Tobey Maguire has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed in connection with an illegal underground poker ring allegedly funded by victims of a Ponzi scheme. The “Spider-Man” star will pay $80,000 to settle the suit, TMZ reported Monday, citing court documents. According to the suit, Maguire took in more than $300,000 in winnings. The money had allegedly been embezzled by hedge fund manager Bradley Ruderman, who is currently in jail. The games were allegedly led by Ruderman, CEO of Ruderman Capital Partners, and funded with $25 million in defrauded investors’ money. They were unlicensed and therefore illegal under California law.

St. George millionaire arrested for allegedly writing bad $100K check in Vegas

Indicted St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson spent several hours in jail Sunday after being arrested on a warrant for allegedly writing a bad check for $100,000 at a Las Vegas casino last year. According to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, Johnson wrote a $100,000 check for cash or gaming chips at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino Nov. 26, 2010, that he did not have sufficient funds to cover. A judge issued an arrest warrant for Johnson on Oct. 20, 2011. In addition to the criminal charge, Johnson faces a Federal Trade Commission complaint filed last December alleging he bilked more than $275 million from online consumers by charging their credit cards for services they didn’t sign up for. A federal court in Nevada seized his assets and placed him under tight financial restrictions.

Mother stole £50,000 from employers to fund husband’s gambling debts

Lorna Brand, 54, operated a two and a half year scam in which she pocketed £53,167 from two different employers, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard on Tuesday. The mother of four was left in charge of the firms’ finances and wrote herself a number of cheques which prosecutors think were used to pay off thousands of pounds worth of debt. The court heard how Brand was forced to act illegally because her estranged husband frittered his wages away on gambling. Brand, of West Calder, West Lothian, pleaded guilty to two charges of embezzlement before Sheriff James Scott who warned her that he is considering imposing jail time.

Bank executive from Congers gets 33 months, must repay theft of $670,000

A Congers bank executive was sentenced Tuesday to 33 months in prison and ordered to repay more than $670,000 he stole to cover his gambling losses. Shawn Reilly, 34, held several positions with the Union Bank of Switzerland, or UBS, from 1999 until April, said Tom Carson, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney David B. Fein, in a statement issued Tuesday evening. Between February 2009 and April of this year, while employed as a director of the bank’s settlements group in Stamford, Conn., Reilly made 84 fraudulent wire transfers that moved $673,447 of UBS money into his personal bank account, Carson said.

Reilly told investigators that his involvement in gambling began as a youth and continued through his years at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, where he was a scholarship baseball player and a member of the basketball team. After Reilly graduated in 1999 and found full-time employment, the problem escalated, eventually spinning out of control around 2007. Reilly admitted to using his position as director to force employees below him to make false journal entries and false wire transfers into his bank account. The employees had no idea the journal entries were bogus and did not know the money was being transferred to Reilly, Carson said.

Phila. district attorney receives $150,000 grant to help fight illegal gambling

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is throwing good money after bad. The board handed over $150,000 to District Attorny Seth Williams this morning to support the investigation and prosecution of illegal gambling activity in Philadelphia. The money comes from the board’s Local Law Enforcement Grant and will be used for the salaries of the members of the DA’s Gaming Control Task Force.

Cottage Grove woman sentenced after collecting welfare while hitting casino jackpot

Reyes won thousands of dollars gambling, all the while unlawfully cashing in on the welfare system. The Cottage Grove woman had unusual luck at the casino, netting nearly $300,000 in winnings over a three year period. During that time, she also was collecting food support, medical assistance and child care benefits that exceeded $20,000, according to court records. Reyes’ luck ran out early last year when Washington County Community Services notified authorities of a fraud case. The 28-year-old Reyes was later convicted of wrongfully obtaining assistance, a felony.

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