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Is the NFL selling out on gambling?

Casino Watch Focus has long reported on the NFL’s anti-gambling position. The organization doesn’t like gambling on its sport because they know from other sports the propensity for corruption, game fixing and the devastating trail that can be left behind in gambling’s wake. When Delaware legalized single game betting on NFL games, the League vocally opposed the practice.  The NFL even investigated Terrell Owens, Santa Moss and 23 other players for their business investment in a casino, which violated their gambling operation policies.  So imagine the surprise of so many when the NFL announced they would start cashing in and allowing casino’s to advertise with the NFL.  The St. Louis Post Dispatch explains:

The NFL will allow teams to accept advertisements for casinos and other state-licensed gambling-related establishments during the next two seasons. Those ads can appear only in game programs, on local radio broadcasts and in the upper bowl and inner concourses of stadiums. The league told the 32 clubs on Thursday that the change in policy will allow such advertising on a limited basis from casinos in their markets.

The League claims to be steadfast in their opposition to gambling on their games, yet they seem to be fine with accepting the money of gambling institutions and in turn, promoting the practices that, at their core, the NLF disagrees with.  If the NFL is willing to prevent its players from investing in casino operations, then it appears to be incredibly hypocritical for them to accept a casino’s advertisement dollars, while using the extraordinary NFL brand to promote them.  Fox Charlotte breaks down the message this policy change communicates:

“I think the first message is, they are out to make as much money as they can in advertising,” said ESPN 730 radio announcer Bill Rosinski. As the former voice of the Panthers, Rosinski is quite familiar with the NFL’s policy on gambling. He says the league works hard to keep its coaches, players and management away from the betting industry. Revenue from gambling ads could bring in an extra $4 to $6 million a year for teams.

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