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Florida Chamber of Commerce to Oppose Casino Gambling Ballot Initiative

Casino Watch Focus reported that those behind the push for mega-resort casinos in Florida faced defeat in the Florida Legislature.  As a result, they have proposed the idea of gathering signatures and placing the issue on the ballot in 2014.  Casino Watch Focus also reported that the anti-gambling group No Casinos, was prepared to fight the initiative.  Now, an online source is reporting that the Florida Chamber is set to oppose the initiative as well:

The Florida Chamber of Commerce continues to gear up for the expected 2014 fight against casinos in Florida at the ballot box.

Mark Wilson, Chamber president, told the Sarasota Republican Club last week that the statewide business advocacy organization will continue to mount opposition to expansion of gambling in Florida, according to the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

“Where casinos have gone, they end up closing small businesses in that community,” Wilson was quoted by the Herald Tribune.

Florida Chamber Mark Wilson pointed out specific reasons why the Chamber was opposed to casinos and explained the tactics Florida voters can expect to see:

Florida Chamber of Commerce President Mark Wilson says if anything spills over the economy, it’ll be crime, corruption and, most of all, competition that could devastate Florida’s beaches and theme parks.

“The casinos have so much money that they’re playing the Florida voter for a fool, and they think that they’re going to come in with millions of dollars of TV ads and they’re going to make all kinds of promises. Look, the Florida legislature didn’t fall for it this year, and I don’t think the voters will, either.”

In referendums over the past 35 years, voters have done exactly that…With North Floridians like Lawrence Kaiser overpowering the pro-casino vote in South Florida and parts of the I-4 corridor. Supporters of a resort casino amendment face a big challenge in simply putting the issue on the 2014 ballot. They need to collect more than 675,000 signatures from registered voters, and they have just 21 months to do that.

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