Genting attempts to buy casino expansion in Florida

Casino Watch Focus has reported  on the on going attempts of Genting Group to bring mega-resort, destination casino gambling to Florida.  After failed attempts in the Florida legislature, the Genting group has decided to take the issue to the ballot box.  Casino Watch Focus has also reported on the strong support that has already come out against the ballot initive, most recently an advertisement stating what happens in Vegas should to stay in Vegas.  However, Genting isn’t putting all it’s eggs in the ballot initiative basket.  The Miami Herald is reporting  that the Genting group has been busy paying for as many Florida legislators as possible:

Genting’s political check writers, who had taken a bit of a break since the legislative session ended without passing their casino resort legislation, have been busy. The Malaysian-based casino giant has written a whopping $431,000 in campaign contributions since July 16, during the run-up to the primary.

The largest chunk of money — $189,000 — went to the company’s newly formed political committee as it prepares to put a constitutional amendment on the November 2014 ballot. (Presumably they are polling ballot language to give to petition gatherers on election day.) The rest of it went to mega contributions to the political committees of some key legislative players such as Sens. Jack Latvala and Joe Negron. Who is the Republican to watch in the casino-resistant House? Jason Brodeur of Sanford.

The Miami Herald has been critical of Gentings intentions to expand gambling in the Sunshine State.  In a recent article they explain that the company is looking to go beyond helpful development of the land they purchased and are instead being motivated by greed:

[F]or Genting, it’s not enough to offer a world-class hotel and restaurant complex a stone’s throw from the Port of Miami and a hop across two causeways to world-famous South Beach.

It’s about the cash generated by gambling — risky to the players and to the cultural destination Miami has become, but a win-win for the conglomerate across the globe.

Otherwise the gaming giant wouldn’t be fighting so hard and spending so much to ram casino gambling resorts down our throats.

Here’s a better idea, free of charge: Flip the property.

It’s not the right neighborhood. Genting bought low in hard times, but with real estate bouncing back, they can make a decent penny on the investment.

And we’ll be rid of the poltergeist.

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