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Apple to allow real money online gambling on their iPhones and iPads

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the expansion of gambling worries through online social media. The first big avenue has been to take advantage of the widespread popularity of the social network giant Facebook. Social gaming company Zynga was one of the first companies to start approaching social media sources to expand their Poker games into real money online gambling.  Zynaga not only offers their games on Facebook, but they also use smartphones like the iPhone and Android phones to deliver their games.  Other companies offer casino games as well, and its no surprise that one of those companies has now partnered with Apple to offer real money gambling through their smartphone apps.  An online source explains:

It is not only gaming companies and local governments that are preparing for a change in US online gambling law. in a move that signals change is coming to the US, Apple has announced that they will allow real money gambling on the ever-popular IPhone. Big Fish Gaming will become the first gaming company to offer the real money gambling.

Big Fish Games Inc., based out of Seattle, Washington, is developing the technology for Big Fish Casino to come to the IPhone. Big Fish has a partner, Betable Ltd., based in London, that will allow the UK mobile gaming. Technology companies have been building towards mobile gaming for several years, and the time has come to put their plans into place.

Apple is attempting to shield themselves from the windfall of money that would be sure to flood in over those addicted to online gambling.  The online source explains:

Apple may be the company that is permitting online gambling, but they also are staying away from collecting their share of gambling winnings. With some apps, Apple takes a cut of sales. That is not going to be the case originally with the mobile gaming applications.

“Apple wants to keep arms’ length from this,” said Paul Thelen, CEO of Big Fish. “They don’t want to be the middleman in a gambling operation.”

The projections for this type of expanded gambling are still early, but the same online source referenced Juniper Research and they are projecting online gamblers to wager around $100 billion by the year 2017.

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