The NFL, along with MLB, NHL & the NCAA, sue to stop NJ sports betting

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the NFL’s opposition to gambling on their games.  Outside of Las Vegas, no other states have the same type of open sports type gambling that draws the ire of the NFL.  Delaware attempted to pass a single-event betting law for NFL games, but as Casino Watch Focus reported, the NFL successfully stepped in and supported litigation to oppose the law. Now, New Jersey has decided to pass a similar law and as before, the NFL has stepped in along with other major sports leagues like the MLB, NHL and even the NCAA.  The claim by New Jersey to dismiss the case is predicated on the fact that the law won’t cause any adverse harm or effects on the sports organizations.  However, the Wall Street Journal is reporting on why the NFL et. al., believe the position to be hypocritical:

The major professional sports leagues and the NCAA say New Jersey’s proposed sports betting law is hypocritical because it prohibits gambling on New Jersey college games yet allows it on all other college and pro contests. The NCAA, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, National Basketball Association and National Hockey League are collectively suing to block New Jersey’s sports betting law from taking effect; the state says it could take bets as soon as December.

In court papers filed late Monday in their response to New Jersey’s efforts to have the case dismissed, the leagues note New Jersey says sports betting won’t harm the pro or college leagues. Yet the leagues say the state forbids gambling involving New Jersey college teams or any college game played in New Jersey.

“Notwithstanding defendants’ insistence that the state’s gambling scheme will have no adverse effect on the sports organizations, the state has exempted the sporting events of its own college and university teams, as well as all collegiate sporting events held within New Jersey, from the very gambling that defendants now insist will cause no injury,” the sports leagues wrote in paperwork filed in U.S. District Court late Monday. “Nowhere in their brief do defendants attempt to explain why New Jersey has singled out its own teams and sporting events for protection from injuries that purportedly do not exist,” the leagues wrote.

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