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A Brief Look at Crime 01/14 – 01/20

Palms to pay $1 million fine to settle drug, prostitution complaint

The parent company of the Palms has agreed to pay a $1 million fine to settle a 17-count complaint by the Nevada Gaming Control Board resulting from a failure to prevent illegal activity, including drug sales and prostitution, at clubs on the property. FP Holdings L.P. also agreed to pay $78,000 to cover the cost of the control board’s investigation. “We are deeply concerned and disappointed about the matters outlined in the complaint as they are not consistent with the values of our company,” the Palms said Friday in a statement. “We are resolved to address these problems comprehensively and decisively.” The Nevada Gaming Commission must approve the settlement. The violations contained in the 21-page complaint made public Friday were gathered during a joint undercover investigation by the board and Las Vegas police.

 2 shot, 1 killed in NE Atlanta shopping plaza

After receiving a call about illegal gambling in the area, Atlanta police heard gunshots and found one man dead and another injured Monday night. Officers said they found nearly two dozen bullet shell casings at the North Plaza Shopping Center on North Avenue. “It appears that at least 20 shots were fired and people were fleeing. We don’t know if the victims were the intended targets at the time,” Lt. Paul Guerrucci of the Atlanta Police Department said. Two men in their 20s were shot. “They ran a short distance. One collapsed on Boulevard and the other collapsed on North Avenue,” Guerrucci said. Police said one of the men died on the way to Atlanta Medical Center and the other is in critical condition.

 Flowers stole $250,000 from Brisbane dog track and blew it all on the pokies

The Brisbane District Court heard on Tuesday that Flowers mainly stole from cash floats at the racing club, which she topped up with money from a club bank account. The court heard she fudged account records to hide her fraud and falsified documents to present to the club committee at its monthly meetings.  Her stealing was detected in March 2012 when the club’s CEO stumbled upon a number of anomalies. The court heard Flowers made full admissions, telling police she had taken the money to feed her gambling addiction. Her barrister, Peter Nolan, acknowledged the dog track was not a suitable place of employment for a gambling addict and said his client intended to return to a career in graphic design when she was released from prison.

 Miami officer relieved of duty in corruption probe

Another Miami police officer has been relieved of duty as part of an ongoing probe of suspected corruption rooted at the police department’s Model City substation, sources said. On Tuesday, officer Angel Mercado, 29, was relieved of duty with pay while the investigation continues. Mercado is at least the seventh officer to resign or be relieved of duty in the wake of the probe, which focuses on a group of officers suspected of providing off-the-books protection for a Liberty City gambling house. Arrests are expected in the next few weeks from the investigation, which is being led by the FBI and the Internal Affairs Unit of the Miami Police Department.

 Online Gambling Pioneer Sentenced to Three Years Probation

Bill Scott, the founder of once powerful World Wide Tele Sports, has been sentenced to three years of probation for violating the US Wire Act and money laundering.  Scott also had to forfeit $6,786,934.65 from various US bank accounts.  Scott, once among the biggest shareholders in online gambling software company Cryptologic, surrendered to US authorities back in September.  He had been indicted twice back in 1998 for violating US gambling laws.  For nearly 15 years, Scott remained on the lam, living primarily in the Caribbean island nation of St. Marten. 20 other individuals were indicted in connection with a massive probe into offshore gambling back in 1998.  At least one individual ended up serving a one night sentence after returning to the US.  Many others received light probation sentences.

 Dad sells kids to pay off his debts

A lorry driver deep in gambling debts sold three of his children to pay off his creditors. The children’s mother, Liew Kim Yow, 27, said the 25-year-old man, whom she referred to as her “boyfriend” because they were not legally married, had suggested in September that his mother take care of their two sons, aged one and three and their five-year-old daughter, while they went to Singapore to work. Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong urged those who had “adopted” the children to contact his office immediately. “As there were no court orders for these adoptions, they are not legal. If the adoptive parents’ refuse to come forward, we will bring them to court,” he said. He said that if the children’s father was found to have “sold” them, he could be charged with human trafficking.

 Feds: Tenn. woman stole $300K in VA grants

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Federal prosecutors charged a woman in Nashville with taking money from Veterans Affairs grants that she said was to be used for housing for homeless veterans, and they are seeking reimbursement of over $300,000. Birdie Anderson operated Next Stage Inc., a nonprofit that claimed to provide training, outreach and housing for homeless veterans. Anderson received grants from the VA to provide housing and other support for homeless veterans, but prosecutors claim she made false statements and kept some of the money intended for veterans. The affidavit said a review of her bank account and the charity’s bank accounts said checks were written and debit cards were used at various gambling casinos in Mississippi and Indiana. During the search, investigators seized several documents and files relating to Anderson and her charity, as well as several casino player cards and lottery tickets.

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