A Brief Look at Crime 02/04 – 02/10

Granny beheaded by grandson after argument

A 75-year-old grandmother was strangled and her head chopped off by her grandson following a heated argument over his gambling addiction, China Press reported.  The body of Zhan Cuixia and her severed head were found in the bathroom of her son’s house in Dongguan of China’s Guangdong province, some 10 minutes’ walk from her own home. On Monday, Zhan went to take care of her grandson Li Yaojing, a 26-year-old factory worker who was sick, as his parents were busy with work.  Runhong, one of Zhan’s daughters, saw her nephew attacking her mother when she went to the house. “She was struggling on the ground and shouting for help, but I couldn’t open the door to go in and save her,” she said, adding that she sought help from neighbours, who said they heard the grandmother and grandson arguing over his gambling habit earlier.

 Europol report: 680 Soccer Games Suspected Of Match-Fixing

Soccer’s American detractors have accused the sport of being too slow, too low-scoring and too full of diving players. They can now add corruption to the list. Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, released today the upsetting findings of a match-fixing investigation that began last summer. The probe found 680 suspicious soccer matches, including qualifiers for the World Cup and European Championship, as well as two Champions League games. The report indicates that 380 of the suspected matches were played in Europe. Investigators found that $2.7 million were paid out as bribes to players and officials; another $10.9 million were won as related gambling profits. Yet those amounts are just what investigators could definitively prove. As one investigator put it, today’s report is just “the tip of the iceberg.” The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has yet to fully review the details of Europol’s report, but the sport’s European governing body is expected to take the appropriate disciplinary actions.

 Ontario illegal gambling bust nets 6 arrests

Police have arrested six people and seized almost $2.5 million in cash after a series of raids in southwestern Ontario — including a Toronto-area Super Bowl gambling party — in connection with a multimillion-dollar illegal gaming operation. On Sunday night, police broke up a gaming operation of more than 2,300 people at a banquet hall in Markham, Ont., and executed nine other search warrants at related residences and businesses, York Regional Police said at a news conference. Police said this was the largest investigation to date targetting illegal gaming and organized crime, involving officers from different agencies at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. “The people found within this gaming house were dispersed in an orderly fashion, while those profiting from this were arrested,” said Supt. Paul Pedersen. “Six men have been arrested and charged with participating in a criminal organization and other gaming-related charges.”

 19-year-old accused of shooting at River Spirit Casino

The River Spirit Casino based in Tulsa, Oklahoma has experienced a shooting. A Tulsa federal grand jury has indicted the 19-year-old Spencer De La Hunt accused of the gunfight. One of the bullets struck the front window of the casino. However, the shooting didn’t damage the gambling machines inside the casino, as was the case with a 61year old St Charles resident at the Argosy Casino.  Although nobody got hurt in the gunfight, the 19-year-old shooter has been accused of jeopardizing the lives of gamblers. A police spokesperson revealed that one of bullets broke the front window of the River Spirit Casino. After the shooting, the casino was barricaded off by local police officers who examined the scene. The 19-year-old shooter is also accused of illegal possession of a firearm.

 Woman stole $222,000 from IRD

Falsely using confidential taxpayer information to steal $222,000 from the government while working at the tax department has cost former Inland Revenue Department staffer Anita Gail O’Connor a two years, five months prison sentence.  O’Connor was sentenced to jail in the Hamilton District Court on 163 charges, including 24 of corrupt use of official information, relating to her use of other taxpayers’ personal details to establish bank accounts and funnel funds to fund cars, shopping and gambling. An investigation established that O’Connor had used both the names and details of other people and false identifies to gain Working for Families tax credits and access to child support refunds. She set up bank accounts under two false names and a total of just over $222,000 was paid into those accounts by IRD over the three years and four months between June 2007 and November 2010. O’Connor admitted her offending. She said some of the money was paid to her associates and other money was used to buy cars, goods and groceries and for gambling.

 Former Depew teacher due in court

She betrayed the trust of her students, parents and colleagues.  Monday,  a former elementary school teacher is due in court to learn her fate for using school money to fund her gambling habit. Susan Jablonski could spend the next four years behind bars.  A judge will weigh the consequences after she stole nearly $20,000.  Jablonski was expected to appear in front of Judge Thomas Franczyk, with $17,000 in hand.   It’s payback from money she stole from the Cayuga Heights Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization. Jablonski used the money was used at the casino.  It was a gamble gone wrong.  The PTO president got suspicious and went to police. “Any amount of money is significant. $17,000 is very significant. And when that’s paid back, it will go directly to students,” said Depew Union Free Superintendent Jeffery Rabey. Rabey says the $17,000 is about half of what the PTO raises in one year.  It was enough to pay for at least two year’s worth of field trips for the students.

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