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Nevada Poker Bill Looks to Allow Other State’s Residents to Gamble on Their Online Gambling Sites

Casino Watch Focus reported that an Obama Administration ruling allowed for each state to introduce online gambling if gambling was legal in that state.  Much discussion has taken place as to whether the same ruling actually applies between states. The current legislation making Federal online gambling illegal is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).  However, after the Obama Administration’s ruling, states have been pushing the envelope.  Now it looks like the attention is on Nevada as they are considering legislation that allows other state residents to gamble on their online gambling sites.  Bloomburg’s Business Week reports:

Soon after the Nevada Legislature begins its four-month session on Monday, lawmakers are expected to begin debating a bill that would let companies offering online poker in Nevada accept wagers from players in other states.

Such betting is essentially banned in most of the nation, but several states, including California and New Jersey, are weighing bills that would legalize some types of online gambling. The Nevada proposal, known as Assembly Bill 5, is intended to position Nevada-based companies to expand their customer base as other states ease restrictions. It’s one of a handful of gambling bills lawmakers will be asked to consider but it’s by far the most important.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval requested the change in his State of the State address in January and the Nevada Gaming Control Board drafted the legislation, which officials see as a potential moneymaker. Nevada currently permits online poker but no other type of internet gambling, so the agreements would apply only to poker.

Past Nevada legislation to allow online poker stipulated that their companies could not accept interstate wages until the federal government makes such online gambling legal.  However, this bill removes that stipulation, essentially acknowledging their belief that a federal bill will not pass soon.  However, this is also an acknowledgment that the practice is still illegal.  Much debate will take place as to the constitutionality of the bill given UIGEA and the current federal laws.

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