UPDATE: Lawsuit Filed Against the Recent Ban of Florida Internet Cafés

Casino Watch Focus reported that the Florida Legislature passed a bill to ban the controversial internet cafes that were featured in the multi-agency, multi-state, multi-year investigation.  After the danger of these gambling parlors became so widely reported, the Florida Legislature and Governor forged ahead to close the loopholes that allowed for the essentially unregulated strip-mall casinos.  Some believed the law went too far by closed gambling parlors that they operated in a more “legitimate” light.  As such, a new lawsuit has been filed:

The owners of two senior arcades in Broward County filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging Florida’s new law that tightens the rules prohibiting them from operating slots-like games.

The arcade owners, represented by constitutional law expert Bruce Rogow and Michael Wolf of the Florida Arcades Association, are asking the court to block a portion of the legislation that passed as a result of the federal and state investigation into Internet cafes operated by Allied Veterans of the World.

The arcades, Boardwalk Brothers Inc. of Tamarac and  Play It Again Florida of Davie, say they were unfairly targeted and argue the language governing adult arcade games is “arbitrary, irrational and not reasonably related to a legitimate governmental purpose.’’

It was reported that law enforcement officials believed all of these machines to be illegal and that they only existed due to legislative loopholes.  Now that the Legislature has clarified those laws and put an end to their operations, the sponsors of the bill feel confident the lawsuit wont be successful:

Rep. Carlos Trujillo, a Miami Republican who sponsored the bill to outlaw the machines, told the Herald/Times he considers the lawsuit a long-shot attempt to salvage the industry.

“Bruce (Rogow) is an exceptional lawyer but I think he is definitely wrong on this one and the court will see it that way,’’ he said.

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