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New Federal Online Gambling Bill to be Introduced

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many ongoing attempts to overturn UIGEA and pass federal legislation to allow federal internet gambling.  Time and time again, these federal attempts have failed and federal online gambling has remained illegal.  States have been working to allow online gambling in their jurisdiction after an Obama Administration ruling opened the door and Nevada has been pushing the envelope. Now it appears that a new federal bill is being introduced, but this time by someone other than Senators Harry Reid and Jon Kyl.    An online source explains:

Despite the fact that many states are beginning to pass legislation which will allow online poker <http://www.4flush.com/online-poker>  and gambling options in the individual states, gamblers would still like to see federal legislation passed so the option can be made available nationwide.

Last year, Senators Harry Reid and Jon Kyl tried to pass federal legislation for the but could not gain enough steam to see the bill move. Now, Peter King, a Representative of New York State, has announced that he is creating a new federal online gaming bill.

Nevada has already launched online poker options with the start of Ultimate Poker and Delaware and New Jersey are on their way to offering online gambling options in the their respective states very soon. California and Pennsylvania are also in discussions for legislation and as more states begin to allow the option, even more states get in on the action.

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