Daily Archives: June 7, 2013

EBT Cards are Now Banned at Casinos in Florida

Casino Watch Focus has reported on welfare abuses tied to gambling venues and legislation by various states and the federal government to end those abuses.  Now after the recent aftermath in Florida over internet café’s, Gov. Rick Scott has signed a bill that would further clean up the gambling scene.  A local Miami news agency explains:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed 36 bills into law including one that bans welfare recipients from using EBT cards at “adult entertainment establishments” like strip clubs and casinos.

The legislation (HB 701) targeting EBT cards created a heated debate in the Legislature.

EBT cards — standing for electronic benefit transfer — are like debit cards. Welfare recipients use them to draw down their benefits.

Critics called the bill offensive to poor people. But the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jimmie Smith, said that voting against his measure was like “voting for lap dances on taxpayer dollars.”

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