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September 18, 2013


Now, just days before Committee Week and the Florida Senate’s first meeting to discuss the future of gambling here, comes a new study that could become a valuable guide for lawmakers during their deliberations.  33 scholars have put together their 31 Evidence-Based Propositions regarding State sponsored gambling.


Released yesterday from the Council on Casinos, an independent group of scholars and public policy leaders, is “Why Casinos Matter: Thirty-One Evidence-Based Propositions from the Health and Social Sciences”.  It comes to us from the Institute for American Values, a New York City-based think tank.

“The section on slot machines will let the reader understand how addictive and destructive today’s machines are”, said Mark Andrews, FL Casino Watch.  “Senators will be able to benefit from this research when considering the future of gambling.”

Included in the study is a tough conflict of interest statement that will challenge the thinking of lawmakers who have pro gambling tendencies.  “State regulation of casinos creates a conflict of interest, in which the state is charged with protecting the public from the very business practices that generate revenue for the state and which the state is co-sponsoring.”

Andrews suggests that Senators give this study a prominent place alongside the Spectrum Study and careful consideration to its findings when coming up with the right plan for Florida.


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