Florida Internet Cafes Might Reemerge and Require Additional Legislative Action

Casino Watch has reported on the ongoing development of Florida’s internet café gambling problem.  The Legislature sent a clear message that these slot parlors are illegal and should stay closed, but several attempts have been made to sidestep the intent of the new law by looking for loopholes in the letter of law.  The Sun-Sentinel explains, that as more and more people try to find to keep these illegal gambling parlors open, the Florida Legislature may need to readdress the issue:

“These people are very sophisticated and the technology is very sophisticated, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we had to go back and take a look at it,” said state Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, who drafted the legislation last spring and is a key adviser to Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville.

Most closed their doors immediately, but now some of those companies are reopening with retrofitted machines and are giving away prizes such as towels or cookware.

The state isn’t tracking how many have reopened, though they are collecting anecdotal evidence.

If legislators want to keep them closed down for good, they may have to keep coming back to the issue.

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