Brief Look at Crime 12/23 – 12/29

Youth murdered after dispute at gambling den    

A 21 year old youth was attacked and killed after a dispute arose at a gambling den in Kuliyapitiya last night, police media unit said. Police added the victim, a resident of Ilukhena, died after being admitted to the Kuliyapitiya base hospital. Investigations have revealed that the dispute had arisen after the victim had refused to give money to another at the gambling den. The suspect in the killing, who was injured himself, is currently being treated under police guard at the Kuliyapitiya hospital. A post-mortem examination is to be conducted today.

Miccosukees fire four tribal police officers; a fifth commits suicide

The troubled Miccosukee Indian police department has fired four officers, two years after a similar purge decimated the ranks of the West Miami-Dade law enforcement agency. The department suffered another blow Sunday when a rookie police officer, Kares Parrada, 23, shot and killed herself while off duty in her North Miami-Dade trailer home. The mother of five had not been fired but believed she might soon be terminated, according to law enforcement. The firings are another black eye for the 600-member tribe, which has been under intense public and legal scrutiny in recent years. The federal government is going after the tribe for what it says are unpaid taxes on gambling proceeds. So far, the IRS has placed $170 million in tax liens on the tribe for back taxes, interest and penalties.  The tribe is also suing its former chairman, Billy Cypress, saying he stole $26 million to spend on numerous gambling trips, shopping sprees, real estate and luxury cars.

Admitted embezzler of more than $4M is yet to face theft charges

She reportedly confessed to thefts of $109,000 from one business and $4.1 million from another. Yet, so far, Caroline K. Richardson has faced nothing more than tax evasion charges. Eight months after the case was first reported in The World-Herald, authorities say they are close to charging Richardson, 54, for her alleged crime against Colombo Candy & Tobacco of Omaha: the theft of $4.1 million. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said that his office is wrapping up its investigation and that charges are “imminent.” Kleine said this week that he is deciding what charges to file and how many, and that he expects to do so soon. The news comes as Colombo and its owner, Monte Brown, proceed with two bold lawsuits — against Richardson’s former boss for recommending that Colombo hire Richardson, and against the casino where Richardson frittered away the money.

Sick Of Husband’s Gambling, Wife Alerts Authorities To $600K Super Bowl Pools At Local Bar

All around the country, local bars operate betting pools where patrons pay a set fee to buy a shot at taking home everyone else’s cash. At lots of bars, the price for a box is reasonable, but some pools charge thousands of dollars to check off a single box. These pools often go ignored by police and other authorities, but after the wife of a Staten Island gambler complained to the state about the large sums being wagered at a local bar, that establishment is no longer accepting bets.  According to the NY Post , a woman in Staten Island sent an anonymous letter to the NY State Liquor Authority, complaining, “My husband spends all his money on these pools and not on our children,” and asking how the SLA could allow a bar to operate what she claimed was a $1 million illegal football pool. The Authority must have been moved by her letter, as it quickly sent investigators to snap photos of the pool boards — indicating who had purchased which boxes in each pool — taped to the mirrored wall behind the bar. The total prize value of the pools wasn’t $1 million, but it was still pretty substantial. Four pools were set to pay out $50,000 each to their winners, another two were worth $100,000 each and the largest pool discovered by SLA investigators was worth $200,000. Of course, to win that prize you’d have to pay $2,000 per chance.

Woman who stole $124,000 sentenced to probation

An Illinois woman who admitted she had a gambling addiction when she embezzled $124,000 from a Quad-City staffing agency was sentenced Thursday to probation. Scott County District Judge Mark Cleve told 40-year-old Heather Quist of Carbon Cliff that if she violates her probation, she’ll face 20 years in prison. She had pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree theft. “I want to teach my children that if you own up to what you’ve done, there is some sort of forgiveness,” Quist said in court. She accused of embezzling $124,812.92 from the company account from October 2010 to December 2012. “She’s very embarrassed about what happened,” her attorney, Jean Capdevila, said. Capdevila said Quist suffers an addictive personality disorder, including a gambling addiction, as well as bipolar disorder. Quist said in court that she’s seeking therapy for her gambling addiction and hasn’t gambled in a year.

Former Bank Branch Manager in Garden City Sentenced for Embezzlement

 A former branch manager at Landmark National Bank in Garden City, Kansas, has been sentenced for embezzling more than $99,000 from the bank, United States Attorney Barry Grissom said today. Sheri L Green, 52, Garden City, Kansas, was sentenced Monday to three years’ supervised release and ordered to pay $99,060 in restitution. She pleaded guilty to one count of misapplication of bank funds by a bank employee. In her plea, she admitted that in December 2012, while she was employed as branch manager for Landmark National Bank in Garden City, the bank discovered she had embezzled approximately $99,600 from the bank to cover her gambling losses. She took the money by shifting money between customer accounts. Several customers had noticed irregular entries in their bank statements and complained to Green. She corrected the withdrawals by shifting money from other accounts to the complaining customer’s accounts to cover her tracks. Grissom commended the FBI and Assistant United States Attorney Barry Grissom for their work on the case.

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