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New Jersey Sports Betting Lawsuit sees briefs filed to the Supreme Court on both sides; State’s rights issues draw in additional briefs

Casino Watch Focus has been reporting on the ongoing efforts of New Jersey to pass legislation that would allow legalized sports betting.  Major opposition has come from the NCAA, NFL. NHL, MLB and even the federal government.  Support has really just been from interested gambling parties in the New Jersey landscape.  The legislation was challenged legally and the law has been struck down.  Casino Watch Focus recently reported  that New Jersey Gov. Chris Cristie was seeking a Supreme Court audience to hear the matter.  Previous reports indicate the odds are still slim the Supreme Court will agree to hear the case, but now both sides have filed their legal briefs to attempt to persuade the Court to either hear the case or ignore it, rendering the prior court ruling the final ruling on the issue.  Now that the issue is at the highest level and considering the federal government’s involvement, it isn’t too surprising that other states have realized this outcome could have implications for them, and several have now joined New Jersey and filed their own legal brief’s in support of the Court hearing the case.  On online source explains:

Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and the four major professional sports leagues, as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“leagues”), filed their long awaited response to New Jersey’s petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to hear their appeal regarding the state’s sports betting law. This decision has far reaching implications for the future of sports betting in the United States.

Although on its face this case is addressing the future of sports betting in the United States, this case raises significant constitutional issues with far reaching ramifications regarding how the federal government can regulate the states.

The states of West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming filed an amici curiae brief in support of New Jersey, arguing that this decision raises serious concerns about the federal government’s ability to regulate state policy, regardless of if it is done by an affirmative or negative command. These states are not necessarily concerned with offering sports betting within their boundaries, but are instead focused on the potentially far-reaching consequences of a ruling in this case that allows the federal government to control state policy.

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