American Gaming Association No Longer Supports Online Gambling

Casino Watch Focus has been reporting on the ongoing and continual efforts of both states and the federal government to advance gambling expansion through online gambling.  The most common form of online gambling at hand is online poker.  There is still no uniform federal legislation that allows online gambling, poker or other wise and thus far, only a handful of states have experimented this past year with more local legislation designed to allow online gambling.  Efforts to advance online gambling isn’t just from independent, online only type companies, but also from brick and mortar casino companies.  As time has passed on the issue, opposition has not only come from sources completely free of gambling profit, like anti-gambling organizations, but also from infighting from those who could benefit financially from such online gambling expansion.  As a result, the industries top lobbying group has taken an official position to oppose online gambling.  An online source explains:

The casino industry’s top lobbying group on Capitol Hill will no longer be in support of online gambling in the United States.

The American Gaming Association’s CEO Geoff Freeman has told The Wall Street Journal that his group cannot continue pushing the issue, citing the casino industry becoming sharply divided over web gambling as the reason.

The AGA has dozens of members, including some of the industry’s titans. Caesars Entertainment, Boyd Gaming, MGM Resorts and Las Vegas Sands all belong to the AGA.

Sands owner Sheldon Adelson has pledged to spend vast sums of money to try to ban online gambling nationwide, or at the very least slow its spread to additional states. Just Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have legal, and operational, online gambling of some kind.

Right now, there is legislation in Congress that attempts to ban online gaming, as well as legislation that attempts to legalize it. Both are considered long-shots.

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