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UPDATE: New Jersey’s effort to legalize sports betting rejected by Supreme Court

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of New Jersey to legalize sports betting in their state.  Legislation was passed which allowed betting on collegiate and pro sports, an activity very limited in jurisdiction, with Las Vegas being one of the few locations its allowed.  Major opposition has come from the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL and recently the federal government.  These sources have pushed for and being successful at overturning the legislation in the courts.  Support has really just been from interested gambling parties and New Jersey.  They have appealed the decision to the Supreme Court and it was at that point that additional support from a few states in the form of an amici curiae brief filed to the Supreme Court surfaced citing potential state’s rights issues.  Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the High Court has refused to hear the case, effectively ending the legislation with no sports gambling expansion allowed:

New Jersey’s hopes for legalizing sports gambling fizzled Monday when the Supreme Court said it wouldn’t consider Gov. Chris Christie’s bid to revive the state’s sports wagering law.

The court, in a brief written order, declined to review a federal appeals court ruling from last year that said the state can’t allow betting on sports contests because of a 1992 federal law that bars most states from licensing such wagers. Nevada is a notable exception because its sports betting was grandfathered into the law.

The appeals court rejected New Jersey’s arguments that the federal law was unconstitutional.

The leagues and the administration said in court papers that New Jersey’s appeal was meritless and unworthy of Supreme Court review. They also said the state couldn’t complain about discriminatory treatment because the 1992 law gave New Jersey a one-year time window to start sports betting and receive an exemption, an opportunity New Jersey passed up.

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