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Florida Failed to Reach a New Gambling Compact with the Seminole Tribe

Casino Watch Focus and routinely reported on the ongoing efforts to expand gambling in Florida, almost of which either impact or will be impacted by the existing Seminole Tribe gambling compact. The general consensus is that efforts to expand gambling will be put on hold until a new agreement comes to terms. An online Indian Gambling source indicates that Florida Gov. Rick Scott has failed to reach a new agreement:

The Seminole Tribe celebrates a Decade of Rock at its Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. Photo from Facebook

The Seminole Tribe and Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) failed to negotiate a new Class III gaming compact but talks are likely to resume later this year.

The two parties started negotiations earlier this year. News reports at one point indicated a deal was imminent but nothing happened before lawmakers ended their session in May.

“I don’t think anybody thumbed their noses at anybody else, but I know it was unsuccessful,” Barry Richard, an attorney who represents the tribe, told The Tampa Tribune.

Talks are likely to resume after the November election — Scott is seeking a second term in office. The compact is due to expire in mid-2015.

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