Florida Legislators Look for Answers regarding Greyhound Industry Issues

Casino Watch Focus has reported many times on the fate of greyhound race tracks in Florida and how they impact the gambling landscape. The industry in Florida appears to be on the verge of collapse and more bad press is following the industry. Reports of lax enforcement of greyhound abuse has caught the ire of state legislators. The Tampa Bay Times reports:

Saying that’s Florida’s delayed prosecution of greyhound abuse laws is unacceptable, three Florida lawmakers have ordered state regulators to provide them detailed answers to questions involving animal cruelty and abuse allegations.

“As the Miami Herald reported this morning, regulatory agencies in other states are consistently resolving cases of greyhound neglect and cruelty in a matter of weeks, if not days,” the lawmakers wrote to DBPR Secretary Ken Lawson and division director Leon Biegalski.

“By contrast, at least some cases of greyhound neglect and cruelty are not being fully addressed in our state for years. Due to these extensive delays, licensees are allowed to remain in the industry, and be responsible for a large number of dogs, for months or years after  they are implicated in an apparent case of greyhound cruelty. This is simply unacceptable.”

In addition to abuse allegations not being resolved in a timely manner, Florida legislators are also questioning as those with criminal pasts being allowed to obtain operating licenses. The Tampa Bay Times continues:

The Herald reported that in the last year, state regulators have granted 80 occupational licenses to owners and trainers who have been convicted of a host of felonies — from cocaine, heroin and amphetamine possession to assault and battery — and denied 115 requests from people with felony convictions.

Florida law bans anyone convicted of a felony from working in a card room or a casino but allows them to be licensed to race horses and dogs, as long as they receive a waiver.

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